Quick build: human ranged debuff / battlefield control sorceror


Sorceror, 7th level human (could be some other race, but default human) who'll face a lower level PC party at range. The PC party has two healbots AND a Wand of CLW, so just putting damage on them is kind of pointless. However, it may take them several rounds to close with her -- like, she'll be on a boat, they'll be an a slightly faster boat chasing her. So, I'm looking for a build that can zap at range with debuffs and obnoxious battlefield control spells. My first pass is "lots of Web and Glitterdust; use Reach Spell to burn 3rd level slots to zap the PCs at longer range; maybe spam some flying summoned monsters". But I'm pretty sure you guys can come up with something much more obnoxious.


Doug M.

Web wont do much, you wont have anything to anchor it to unless it is a very big boat. Control on its own wont be enough, you need some way to actually harm the group.

I might be tepted by a Fey bloodline sorcerer using Aversion with a rod of reach spell. Make the PCs averse to their own boat, pushing them to either jump into the water or be permanently nauseated. Once in the water either leave them to be left behind or hit them with hideous laughter and watch them drown.

How much equipment will they have?

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Can you just sink the boat?

Get the tumultuous spell metamagic and use some weak damaging spell or spells to try and throw the PCs off their boat. Scorching or admonishing ray could work, if the sorcerer has a familiar burning gaze would work, burning sands might have odd side effects on a boat besides the tumultuous effect. What does a foot of sand do to a boat's load or balance anyway?

Note that tumultous spell doesn't need to do damage, it needs to hit or have the target(s) fail a save. Resist energy doesn't help.

Silver Crusade

Party has two healbots? That means party is likely weak and horribly vulnerable in other areas. (can you detect player's bias against healbots?). Seriously, it should be possible to use their over-reliance on healbots against them. Presence of one or more healbots (not a valuable party role) generally means absence of a more important party role. Exploit that!

It seems your 7th level sorcerer, with several rounds at range, should be able to utterly crush a lower level party. Sinking/slowing/damaging the PC boat seems a good start. Some starter ideas:

* Summon a water monster to mess with the PC's boat
* Black Tentacles spell works great on water. That alone should stop PCs from giving chase.
* Sorcerer should have Water Breathing or Water Walking in place, and thus should be able to easily escape. Water walking == faster than a boat.
* How many Fireballs can the PC's boat take before ceasing to be an effective boat? Can the boat's propulsion (sails? oars? rudder?) withstand multiple fireballs?

Defuff and Battlefield Control spells are mostly useful if one has an ally able to exploit them. Lacking an ally, I'm afraid blasting is probably better.

For reasons beyond the scope of this post, the boat can't easily be messed with. Can we focus on stuff that will affect the PCs?

Aversion is an interesting idea.

Where can I find "Tumultuous Spell"?

Doug M.

How wide is the boat? Create Pit in a very narrow space is devastating. A few castings should cover the entire boat. Then drop a flaming sphere in to keep the party toasty. Bonus points if you can separate the party into 2 or more pits.

Use 3rd level spells to Summon Monster for water elementals. You goal is to threaten the party, not win, right? Maybe mix in an air elemental or two.

Then magic missile and shocking touch to finish the fight out. If you want to be annoying give the sorcerer Water Breathing and when the boat gets invaded the sorcerer shouts curses, casts water breathing and jumps over the side. If not killed this round they successfully dive deep into the water and escape by swimming underwater for hours before surfacing.

Tumultuous Spell comes from Planar Adventures. From the horse's mouth, it's also supposed to give a spell the chaotic descriptor but that got cut in editing somehow.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Aqueous Orb; pick up the PC's with it and drop them off the side of their own boat.

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