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I will be starting this AP in a couple months after we finish Dead Suns (just hit book 6). Are there any specific party needs that will make the adventure more enjoyable, or any races or classes that will have a hard time?

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Standard party needs for ALL Starfinder APs should be good groundwork to cover this AP:
All starship combat roles* See notes below

The skill DCs scale quickly so it's important to have at least one character with real investment in each of these skills, not just a token rank.

Spoiler stuff:
In addition, this AP(especially Book 2) includes much more investigation and social interaction than the others(Temple of the Twelve gets close). An Envoy would get much more out of this AP volume than the others.

*Starship combat spoiler stuff:
Book 2 does not have any starship combat and the starship combat in Book 3 could be narrated directly into Event 4. I don't have book 1 with me to look at the starship combat content.

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awesome! thank you. We will be have a character creation session in a month of so, and I would like the players to not be crippled with lacking skills in an important area

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