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Hi all, just a bit of confusion over Rope Swing.

For background, I intend to use Rope Swing with a whip, so as per the rules of the ability...

Athletics sphere wrote:

There are five methods for securing a rope:

Flail Group Weapon: Weapons from the flails weapon group may be used as if they were a grappling hook, though applying them requires a melee attack roll rather than a ranged attack roll. A length of rope may be used in this way also, taking improvised weapon penalties as appropriate.

Grappling Hook: You may throw a held grappling hook as a swift action, making a grapple check against a creature or a ranged attack roll against an unattended object. This deals no damage. You may use your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier on this grapple check. A creature may remove a grappling hook as a move action with a Strength or Escape Artist check against this sphere’s DC or a grapple check against your grapple CMD. The range increment of a grappling hook is improved to 20 ft.

The rest of the text is pretty clear - you use a move action to actually swing within the weapon's reach once you've secured it with the swift action.

But what action is it to unsecure the rope after the swing?

Is it a free action to tug the whip free after the swing, just as it's a free action to "drop" a grapple as this sort-of is?

Is it a move action to remove just as any other creature has to take?

The feat Improved Whip Mastery allows rope-swinging on a whip and that specifically calls out releasing your whip for free, but obviously those rules don't apply here, especially if you don't have the feat (I don't).

I feel like it should be free so you can swing as much as you need, land, then continue fighting, but it's not explicit. Can anyone shed some light?

Liberty's Edge

Huh, so it doesn't. Feel like that must have been in there at some point.

Yes, consider it a free action to release.

Note - I wrote it, so consider that an authorial ruling.

Brilliant - I thought so, but great to have it confirmed! Thank you very much!

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