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taking something out of a normal backpack is a move action
so a no-mall backpack and a Starfinder backpack are the same?
am i misreading something?
yes i know it can carry more.

The Starfinder Society sells branded gear, of which the Starfinder backpack is a prime example. People assume most Starfinder backpacks come from the Lorespire Complex on Absalom Station, but more knock-offs exist than authentic ones. While wearing a Starfinder backpack, treat your Strength score as 4 higher for determining your carrying capacity. This increase doesn’t stack with other backpacks. When you seek an object stowed in the backpack, you find it immediately, allowing you to retrieve the object as if you were drawing a weapon. In addition, you can stow objects of 1 bulk or less in the pack as if you were sheathing a weapon.

Draw or Sheathe a Weapon Drawing a weapon so that you can use it in combat or putting it away so that you have a free hand requires a move action. This action includes activating or deactivating the weapon. This also applies to weapon-like objects that are easily accessible, such as remote controls and most tools or sensors you can carry and use with one hand. If your weapon or weapon-like object is stored in a pack or otherwise out of easy reach, you must instead retrieve it as a stored item before you can use it (see Manipulate an Item below). Exception: If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can combine drawing or sheathing a weapon or weapon-like object with moving up to your speed as a single move action.

Manipulate an Item Moving or manipulating an item is usually a move action. This includes retrieving or putting away a stored item, picking up an item, moving a heavy object, and opening a door.

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*cheesy advertisement music*

Without gear clamps the starfinder backpack

move action: I move up to the fire.

standard action: I take out the fire extinguisher.

*fire WHOOSHES up in the ysoki's face*

Next round, standard action, I put the fire out *blink blinks around scorched fur*

With gear clamps the starfinder backpack

Move action: I move up to the fire drawig the extinguisher as I go because the starfinder backpack lets you draw it as a weapon

Standard action: I put out the fire

Next round: I am NOT all burned and singey.

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Justin-Norveg wrote:

*cheesy advertisement music*...

The explanation is even more versatile than the gear!

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

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What I'm REALLY annoyed at is abadarcorp didn't even reuse the footage, they made me run unto the fire TWICE!

Retrieving some items from your backpack, especially for something that is on the bottom, is probably more than a move action.

That why it says "usually" a move action.

It gives the GM leeway.

For a non-magical cheap item you can make sure its always a move action.

The as drawing a weapon part is a real boost to the action economy. Its really good for moving around a corner+drawing a potion and then drinking it.

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The action economy benefits are very cool, but it looks like the Starfinder Backpack still holds only 2 bulk - is there anything that holds more?

Tusk the Half-Orc wrote:
The action economy benefits are very cool, but it looks like the Starfinder Backpack still holds only 2 bulk - is there anything that holds more?

Technically the Starfinder backpack isn't limited to 2 bulk that can fit inside it; it just increases your Strength by 4 when considering maximum bulk. I'd still rule that more than 2 bulk can fit in the backpack; it's just getting to be like a camping backpack at that point and things are sticking out.

Null-Space Chambers can hold lots more, but they're not as easy to pull stuff from.

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