Parapromo 2019 - 1001 PC Race Ideas!!!


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Coming this October: Paizonian Race Production Month

PaRaProMo 2016 and 2017 ended successfully (and 2018 was almost a success), and now it's time to start preparing for 2019!

The guidelines of Parapromo are simple. For the majority of the year, we're gonna do what Paizo does best: Make lists of things that probably shouldn't exist. To be precise, we're going to compile a list of short race ideas. You can include basic descriptions of ideas, but avoid specifying anything too long-winded or rules-y. Just list ideas for PC races to play. (Also, some people like to get comedic with their suggestions. That's okay, but don't go too overboard. It makes it a lot harder to adapt, say, a sweater worn by a cat into a race. We can do it, but it's a lot harder.)

Then, in the month of October, it gets interesting—because we'll be combining our efforts to shove thirty-one of these races into statistical beauty for all to admire and envy.

Q: What's counted as a race?
A: This year, we're going to switch to a format that's a little more forgiving. Now, we will be counting subraces individually, and the description block (Physical Description, Society, Relations, etc.) that some folks write will also be counted as a separate race. Furthermore, Starfinder and Pathfinder 2nd Edition stats will also be counted as separate races. With these measures, we're SURE to meet our goal. Right? . . . Right?
Q: Can I get advice on making a race?
A: Check this post! The Pathfinder Race Builder is a good place to start for statistics!
Q: When do I start posting race ideas?
A: Right now!
Q: When should I start making a race based on a posted idea?
A: On the 1st of October!
Q: When do I have to be done?
A: Before the 1st of November!
Q: What do I win?
A: Absolutely nothing!
Q: Are there any race ideas left over from last year that I should be aware of?
A: Oh, yep:

Previous years' ideas:
1. Duck people
2. Liverwort people
3. Angry birdz people
4. Carnivorous plant people
5. Lionfish people
6. People with skin made of tarmac
7. American possum people
8. Hydra people, but not fantasy hydras, real hydras ("a minute freshwater coelenterate with a stalklike tubular body and a ring of tentacles around the mouth.")
they dont s#+% they just periodically vomit
9. horsetail people, or people who make a living farming horsetails and maybe eat them, who extrude silicon through their pores
10. Lilliputians
11. Robots, but like Wheatley from Portal 2.
12. Radioactive goblins that can turn people into Goblinmen by biting them.
13. People who use anenomes symbiotically, like pompom crabs.
14. People who live in hamster balls, but not hamster people.
15. Like the Dvati, but for Pathfinder.
16. A literal hive of very smart ants. Or termites/naked mole rats/bees/wasps/hornets.
17. Adventurers
18. Martin Shkreli, but as a person.

19. Gnome like beings that can turn into tea kettles
20. Goblin/Gnome hybrids.
21. Highly sexualized slime people, but and they all look like Slimer from Ghostbusters.
22. Lost Sock People
23. Catfolk but is actually a cat put in a sweater and carried around by a witch.
24. Broccoli People
25. The Last of the Summer Wine.
26. The Onion Tony Abbot bite into on national television, but with a knife.
27. Jort Bulkhard, whose name periodically changes every time he is mentioned
28. Brickfolk.
29. A reverse goblin.
30. The female character that was clearly written by a man and has 7 brothers.
31. A water fountain on a trolley hooked up to a tap. Removing the hose from the tap is instant death.
32. A banker.

33. A race with a lifespan so short it actually comes up during the campaign. Potentially with some sort of reincarnation ability?
34. A race with a sonic attack.
35. Crystal people.
36. A race that can turn into sand to fit into small spaces.
37. A race so pampered by their god that the main racial abilities are based around that god pulling strings and doing them favors.
38. A race that spends the majority of its time climbing vertical surfaces.
39. A one-legged race, like the dufflepuds/monopods from Narnia.

40. A kenku analog. Yes, we have tengu, but aside from being corvid people, tengu are entirely distinct from kenku as a race. I miss those sneaky, cursed, voice-mimicking a~#@%~$s.
41. Lesser spotted purple banana goblin.
42. Faceless people who talk through vibrations in their feet.
43. Outsiders but are actually a group of people displaced in time and split throughout mutliple timelines. Sometimes they are identical to the original. Sometimes they have taken a dramatic change in personality, appearance or behaviour. Any given individual could have multiple selves running around in the same timeline. The death of one has no impact on the death of the others.
44. Tiny blobs of slimes with minute black specs for eyes, and small pseudopods for hands and arms. They are 2 feet tall and eat grass and fallen tree branches for nourishment. They do not sleep, drink water and breath in oxygen through their mass.
45. Existential dread given physicality.
46. Former President Richard Nixon, but with a mustache.
47. Deep Sea Merfolk.
48. Sheepfolk. They are the best at hugs.

49. A race of diminutive parasites who form long-term bonds with human hosts. They don't hijack their minds; they actually live in harmony with their hosts, and develop relationships with them.
50. A "race" of clones - all physically identical to the original, and all with similar - but not identical - personalities, shaped by their own experiences. For example, if the original was Lawful Neutral, a Chaotic Good member must have experienced extraordinary things to be changed so profoundly. (Yes, this is basically The Council of Ricks, from Rick and Morty.)
51. A playable, race-builder-style myconid race.
52. A flumph-style race: an alien race that looks very, very silly, but whose members are actually quite grave and serious-minded, possess a tragic backstory, and who have no real idea how silly they look to humanoids.
53. A race sent to [insert campaign setting] in order to catalogue everything on it. Plot twist: ...because it's going to blow up / die / dis-corporate soon! Plot twist two: ...because their masters are preparing to assimilate / conquer / absorb it soon! Plot twist three: ...because they're really from the future / an alternate timeline / a parallel dimension.
54. A (non-reptile) race that sheds is skin periodically.

55. Plantfolk and Fungalfolk seem moderately popular in current and previous editions... so what what about Lichenfolk? Bonus points if such a race is composed of three symbiotic partners.
56. A human offshoot resulting from humanity's promiscuity with other races. They have a always-active low-level telepathic field that makes them really good at understanding other sentient (or maybe just sapient) beings.
57. A race that ripped their way back to the mortal plain from an afterlife.
58. A species who are this close to ascending to a purely mental state.
59. Gods bound into mortal form with their power stripped from them.
60. A species that exposed themselves to the horror of the cosmos and got shaped by it. Think Lovecraftian.
61. Deep ones.
62. A swarm of nanites.

63. The botanical equivalent to owlbears.
64. Dogfolk/Wolffolk

65. A race based on symbiosis, like a race of coral people, or a playable version of those anglerfish monsters.
66. An extremely diverse race of talking, non-anthropomorphic but sentient animals.
67. A race of very normal humans doing some very normal human adventuring. In other words, a race of extremely unconvincing "humans" that are clearly very strange but difficult to technically prove the real nature of, in the style of Ted Cruz For Human President, Normal Human Blog, or, if you're willing to stretch the requirements slightly and really want to avoid the political satire site, Thrackerzod the Typical Pony.
"So, tell Thrackerzod—as a joke, because she is a normal pony—what would normal ponies consume? I AM BLENDING IN."

68. Floating bags of hot air from a gas giant, but playable
69. salamander people, but not made of fire

70. A sage, lavender-skinned "race" that consists of exactly one guy. Whenever s/he dies, he's reincarnated elsewhere, born to another set of parents.
71. A small race capable of physically enhancing each other.
72. A race which derives power from tattoos on their bodies.

73. A Race of turtle/tortoise people. Not like the ninja turtles.. has more of a water base culture
74. Tri-legged people.
75. People who have skin like plastic and enjoy beachhouses and expensive cars.
76. A people who are always cloaked and masked, and wear really long gloves to hide their bodies. Anyone who sees their actual form is blinded, and the creature disappears.
77. Zombie-like race that eats the brains of dead enemies, and for a short while, gain a vestige of their abilities.
78. Sentient weapons. They can take Weapon Focus in themselves. They float. They dislike being used as weapons.
79. A ghoul girl.

80. Two races, who spawn one another. Race A only gets children of race B, and vice versa.
81. JPEG Artifacts
82. Magnetic people.
83. Shadows turned into a player-friendly race.
84. Shambling mounds turned into a player-friendly race.
85. Froghemoths turned into a player-friendly race.
86. A race that can occupy multiple non-adjacent squares.
87. A race that generates plasma.

88. A subspecies of goblins incredibly skilled at lying.
89. A race that can use suggestion as a spell-like ability.
90. A humanoid race with the lower half of some sort of animal.

91. A mime pulled from Earth, but cursed with speechlessness, so they can only communicate via miming.
92. A murderhobo. May already be a PC race.
93. A race of space lizards come to infiltrate the planet to set up for future invasion, because there doesn't exist a race like this already!
94. A race of spindly nightmare people who aren't all that mean but every creatures primal instinct upon seeing them is to be terrified of them.

95. A race accidentally created when one of the low-fecundity races (probably elves or dwarves) tried to create vat-grown kids... and they ended up with a mentally-twisted, physically-stunted offshoot race that can psychically infect other humanoids into transforming into new members of this new race. Think 1 part meenlocks, 1 part Reavers, with a pinch of mutant's deformities.

96. As [Zizaputian] above, but a race of mini-otyughs adapted for outer space. While they can usually eek out subsistence calories from photosynthesis/solar radiation, they will often follow (or remora onto the hull) of Starfinder ships for the jettisoned waste. A few enterprising colonies have set-up in Lagrange points, near shipping lanes, and in starship wrecks to consume the waste from passing ships and trade items they scavenge.

97. Naiads
98. A goblin species that can undergo slight mutations at will. Sort of like Eberron's shifters, but with more options from moment-to-moment.
99. A race like the landstriders.

100. Crustaceans similar to dark crystals Garthim.
101. Camel Spider people.
102. badgerpanda hybrid humanoids.

103. A race of unseen servants somehow mutated into a new life form.
104. A race that can change its appearance, but not its form, with illusions.
105. A race that's tapped into a "hivemind"/"internet"-like communication system with all other members of its race or clan or family, but that is otherwise fully independent.

106. One goblin, stacked on a second goblin, stacked on a third goblin, in a trench coat.
107. A race so heavily endebted to a devil or god that the servants of that being constantly follow members of the race around, collecting every part of the debtor they can get their claws on. Your hand gets chopped off? A creepy winged monkey scurries in and grabs it, then runs off. Hairs fall out? Monkey grabs them and climbs into a nearby culvert. They're always there. Watching. Waiting.
108. Species of "world prospectors"—just looking this planet over for some potential new developments. Think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on this one

109. Humanoid Llama's, because lovely llamas are lonely.
110. Coyote born--Born tricksters.

111. The Curiosity/Spirit Mars rovers, having acquired sentience and learned to produce more of their kind.
112. Jack-o-lantern people.
113. Alternatively, a race inspired by the Jack-of-the-Lantern story.
114. Spooky scary skeletons.
115. Actual monster mash given sentience.

116. Elf/dolphin hybrids.
117. A species that lives exclusively in the forest canopy and potentially never even knows the ground exists.
118. Aphid people.
119. A race of swamp people who are physically adapted to walk on stilts—think the Crow Fishers.

120. Swamp people who swim through the mud and have very strong immune systems
121. Swamp people who are very similar to onions.
122. A race of people who eat rocks.
123. A small or tiny race with a Strength bonus.
124. Playable dryads/hamadryads who carry their potted plants around with them.
125. A race of people who can't be seen.

126. A race of tourists that see everything as both harmless and exciting.
127. People with skin like smartphone touchscreens that lights up and stores information
128. Anthropomorphic anticores
129. Extradimensional spirits possessing mobile willow trees

130. A race of annoying riddle-loving goblin creatures.
131. A race of shapeshifters that can swap between multiple preset forms, or 'aliases', and gain more as they level.
132. Catfolk, but more like Garfield.
133. Flamingo people.
134. Heron/egret/crane people.

135. When a centaur is cut in two, one half can sometimes stay alive, like a worm. (this one can only be made by Garbage-Tier Waifu)
136. Sebastian, but as a playable race.
137. Smurfs.
138. An incorporeal race (good luck).

139. A race of sentient gorgonopsids. Non-anthropomorphic.
140. A race that gets bigger from eating things.
141. A race whose base movement mode is the conga line
142. A race that has a chance to explode when their hit points are at max.
143. A predominantly-subterranean humanoid race whose internal (and actual) gravitational orientation is always North on a vertical plane, making them treat walls as their 'ground'. They can walk normally on a horizontal surface like a normal creature when they wish but they become dizzy and sickened as long as they do so. They also fall to the earth normally if they end up 'falling' more than 30 feet in a northern direction without striking a solid object.

144. A race for whom sleepwalking and/or dreaming is extremely important in some way.
145. A race of orc-dwarf hybrids, light-sensitive packmules with a raging short temper and a physical hardiness that impresses even dwarves. These creatures have a mutual hatred of 'true' dwarves and orcs, and barely get along with half-orcs.
146. A race similar to stories about Hecate, that changes its shape depending on the time of day/night.
147. A race of these not quite-humanoid feline-ish beings. (Note: creepy and unsettling.)
148. A race of constructs with subraces based on every programming language (bonus points if you can make something useful from Brainf&$+).
149. A race of sapient electrons.
150. The unfortunate result of a time-paradox.
151. The fortunate result of a time-paradox.
152. A race which feeds by poking and touching things.
153. A race created by Existentialists, incorporating only their beliefs.
154. A race created by Stoics, incorporating only their beliefs.
155. A race which exists as a series of Epicurean Delights.
156. Squiggles.
157. Null-space; a race consisting of the absence of everything.
158. Clown People.
159. The forgotten ones.
160. Kaleidoscopic Rainbow Sparkles.
161. Definitely not a Katamari.

162. A race of people who feed on fear, or another emotion.
163. A race of intelligent equations that can teleport at will between flat surfaces that can hold writing or etchings.
164. A race closely linked to matryoshka dolls, like a golem race.
165. A race of animated magical debris. Made of very solid, yet mobile withing the creature, items used in magic (potion bottles, spent scrolls, spent wands, once spelled weapons, etc.). They spontaneously animate when concentrated and 'heal' as more is added. Absorb magic to 'heal' and levitate. Anti-magic is lethal, as are dispels, etc.
166. miniature kaiju
167. miniature space kaiju hamster, with cheek pouches of holding
168. A race that is round. Like, round enough that it can roll away to safety.
169. A race that moves on wheels. Like the Wheelers from Return to Oz, or those weird critters from His Dark Materials.

170. A race whose each member is actually made up of five small lions formed together, and can split apart or reform at will.
171. A race made of delicious cheese.
172. A race spawned by rare simulacrums that are able to continue living through their 'children', which they sculpt themselves and lie dormant until the creator's death. They have fire vulnerability (being animated ice and snow) and bonuses with illusion magic (though they aren't illusory, like simulacram's.)
Each one has the ability to craft a simulacrum of themselves (100 gp. in snow or ice materials + 500 gp. in rubies per HD). Requires 1 day per 1,000 gp price and a Craft (Sculture) check at DC 15 + 1 per per HD. They can do this once per level and only one simulacrum progeny can be viable at a time. If a new one is made, the old one melts away, never to exist.
The progeny remains dormant and must be kept in a cool, not necessarily cold or icy location (though this won't harm it.) At the creator's death, their body melts away, like a simulacrum. They can only be returned to life with a wish, true ressurection or spell of similar power. Otherwise, within 1 day their life-force animates their 'child' and they may continue living.
If the body is of a lower HD than the creator at the time of its demise, the newly animated body may expend 500 gp. in rubies per HD to increase its levels to that limit. This ritual takes 24 hours and the character must make all the same choices regarding levels, skills, feats, etc. including hit points (which should be readily available, since the original sheet should still be there.) This does not count as gaining levels, for the ability to craft a 'progeny'.
If it chooses to remain at a lower HD, it may advance normally and take any new classes or choices it wishes when it gains a new level. This option is sometimes chosen to allow the creature to craft a new 'progeny' quicker (as a 'safety net'), since it can only do this when gaining a level and at higher levels this becomes longer and harder to achieve.

173. A race with only one arm.
174. A race with true cylindrical symmetry
175. A race that feeds off of the presence of positive emotions in other intelligent races.
176. Technically two races in physical symbiosis.

177. A race of identical triplets that share a single mind (the triplets, not the whole race)
178. A race that communicates primarily via scent and gesture.
179. A race that reproduces primarily via parthenogenesis.
180. An extreme predator that relies on looking like a helpless child of another species/race to attract prey.
181. A race that reproduces via parasitically infecting other races with a disease, like tapeworms or flukes, but probably larger.
182. A race who has evolved to be somewhat cannibalistic, and sees it as a truly good act of sacrifice to the community.

183. Race born when the local mage academy put a little too much waste in the local sewage treatment plant
184. Extremophile race
185. Easily offended clawed water spirits/demons
186. Bouncing off of [Kestroids], a race that can only reproduce by colonizing the corpse of a Gargantuan or larger monster

187. Tony Hawk people
188. Cherubs.
189. Cherubs that are just normal goblins with wings strapped to their backs.

190. A humanoid plant race related to the common figs. In late adulthood, it puts down roots in a chosen location and metamorphosizes to its final Large immobile form. It begins emitting alraune-like aromas to attract humans, using them in place of wasps to crawl inside the oversized fruit, pollinating it and thus spawning the next generation.
191. Feathery dinosaur people (e.g., just take away a deinonychus' claws and give it hands; think there was some sort of 3.5 supplement like this but I can't remember specifics)

192. A race of people so delicious that good-aligned folk must make Will saves against attack and eating them.
193. Giant isopod people
194. Angry geckos, named "beeps"
195. Somehow we haven't already gotten tardigrade people on here?
196. Elephantfolk.
197. A race with every kind of movement speed.

198. A race of giant babies. They have to crawl everywhere, but can serve as very slow mounts to other PCs.
199. One of these guys. Warning: Highly disturbing video.
200. Cockney people.
201. This man
202. Symbiote symbiotes (They attach themselves only to symbiotes)
203. Dipper people. These birds live solely along rivers, like in desert gorges and mountains and stuff, and never stray from those rivers. They swim under actual icewater at times for long periods of time. Pretty extreme.
204. A race of faulty clones.
205. A race of honeybee people. Not to be confused with Thriae—these are plump, fuzzy bee people.
206. A race of bumblebee people. Again. Don't monster girl them.

207. A race where every limb is a separate consciousness
208. A race of sentient string that control puppet bodies to interact

209. Centaur frog-goblins.
210. Girl With All The Gifts-style zombies—plague zombie children born to people who were infected while pregnant, allowing their brains to adapt enough to keep sentience, but retaining the hunger. Basically, dhampirs, but for zombies, and also unable to grow up (or they grow up so slowly, and the race is so new, that no adults yet exist).
211. Piggybacking off the last one, a race that undergoes metamorphosis like butterflies and frogs—only they live so long, nobody's ever seen the final form, not even them.

212. A race that consists of a mask which animates other cloth to use as, and approximate in appearance, a body.
213. Purple mushroom people with eyes everywhere on their bodies and no mouth.
214. Buff Koopa Troopas.

215. TV-headed people
216. Gelatinous Icosahedra
217. A race of Tiny to Large humanoid sentients composed primarily of felt, fabric, and stuffing: Muppets
218. Gelatinous Icosa-hydra? Gelatinous Ice-o-hydra?
219. Beings with humanoid forms, but typically lacking certain normal body parts: many are headless, some are composed only of two legs with no body above the waist, and some are simply floating busts. They have smooth skin that stretches over any points where an orifice would normally be located. It's possible that the rest of their bodies are simply permanently invisible a la phantom fungus.
220. Millipede-shaped (or centipede-, or remorhaz-shaped if you prefer) people who can manipulate things with their mouthparts and first ten legs
221. Egg-phase psychic beings that hatch into horrible CE monsters on a day randomly chosen by the GM

222. Remember that fairy tale where the girl spits out gemstones whenever she tries to speak, and then the other mean girl tries to get it, too, but she gets bugs and vermin? Imagine a race of that second girl.
223. Any Chuck Tingle character.
224. Chuck Tingle.
225. A Chuck Tingle book (admittedly, this also technically falls under #245).

226. Puddleglums
227. Lantern jacks (thematic)
228. Cockroach-people (who hate being discriminated against) (no one did this yet?)
229. Wasp/spider/snake/scorpion(all at once)-people (who are very nice and polite, but nightmare inspiring)
230. Sloth race (which pretend to be slow but are extremely fast)
231. Eelfolk (who both inspire nightmares and are actually terrifying)

232. 'Scheming witch snowflakes'
233. Porcelain doll people made from ghouls
234. Any other suggestion with one (1) adjective OR one (1) noun changed.
235. A race that communicates solely through the language of flowers.
236. These dudes (scroll down to the first response).

237. A race that become monsters or dangerous ravening berserkers (figuratively or literally) when they don't have fresh, humanoid blood of the same alignment as they are.
238. A sponge-like, humanoid-shaped race (not necessarily humanoids) that excrete (or secrete, expel as a jet, etc.) an unusual substance (fire, oil, water, lead-based paint, webbing, gravy, etc. Possibly a combination of the two).

239. The inhabitants of a Bob Ross painting.
240. Orchids who live on the street and pickpocket people
241. Orca urchins

242. More mobile dryad-like beings that can bond to any tree of their species but also have to eat and sleep
243. Mobile, though typically sedentary and placid trees, that consume dryads or other people that attempt to step inside them, such as with tree stride (possibly even affecting incorporeal creatures), and can also redirect such transporting creatures to themselves instead of a nearby target tree.
[Optional: They also eat kobolds or goblins, just in the more traditional way or by crushing them against their trunks and letting their sweet, sweet kobold and goblin juices dribble down beneath their roots.]

244. A planetouched giant race
245. Strong horses
246. Capitalist mosquitoes
247. Communist mosquitoes. Like stirges, but they're equally likely to share blood with a creature, injecting it into them. Of course, without some internal or innate process for making blood compatible (ie. making it heal or give benefit to those injected)... it probably acts as a poison or damaging agent. Ah well, communism works on paper…
248. A race of tomten-like creatures with long probosces that lurk in areas of discussion and cause discord with their bad manners, baiting comments, and passive-aggressive suggestions.
249. Atlas Shrugged...but as a person.
250. Communist mosquitoes, but they just suck the blood of the rich and share it amongst themselves to sustain the next generation. Alternatively, see them as ragamuffin vampires of the swamp.

251. Tiny deer that live in frozen ponds
252. Draken - a cephalopod variant that has some Draconic traits.
253. A race that must move regularly or becomes ill or dizzy or has trouble breathing (like some sharks) unless constantly moving (or possibly in a brisk wind).
254. Anima - an all-female race that embodies the feminine spirit, with some traits borrowed from a particular animal.
255. Animus - as the Anima, but all-male and embodying the masculine spirit instead.

256. Sponge-like race capable of absorbing things through touch, possibly physical (blood, poison, disease, Strength), mental/emotional (Intelligence, emotions, alignments), or magical (spell effects, spell-like abilities, etc.)
257. That one Mass Effect race that must always wear a fluid-filled suit.
258. An overly polite ooze race.

259. A race whose natural habitat is the cold depths of space.
260. A race that entirely lacks alignment, instead driven by some imperative objective to which all else is meaningless.
261. A race whose perspective of time is extremely slowed down, allowing them to even see bullets in flight. But they have otherwise normal reflexes and mobility, making this more of a detriment than a benefit.
262. A race that seems to be made of a single material or assortment of a single kind of object (for instance, they seem to be made up of broken seashells or discarded spoons), but is not a construct or elemental. Otherwise looks humanoid down to very defined features, despite their anatomical makeup.
263. A race whose soul lingers just behind them, unbeknownst to them. All others see a ghostly watcher, seemingly betraying their inner thoughts, or maybe making vaguely threatening gestures.
264. A race that is otherwise pretty normal, but has an unsettling aura about them in the presence of fire. This does not necessarily affect their behavior or alignment, though others might interpret their actions as slightly more menacing than intended when in fire light.
265. A race whose arms have atrophied to uselessness, requiring the use of magical prosthetics made from silk and gold to perform most tasks.
266. A race who seem to be able to peer into other planes, even see the gods themselves if they look deep enough. This can have dire consequences, as any entity they can see can in turn see them. This occurs involuntarily when they sleep.
267. A race whose bones, nails, teeth and hair are made of some kind of glass. Their hair is malleable though brittle, while their teeth, nails and bones are as hard as diamonds. Light often reflects off them in strange ways. They are vulnerable to shatter, like a construct.
268. A race who, to other creatures of various alignments, seem to speak an entirely different language. Creatures within one step of their alignment can partially understand them, but only creatures of identical alignment can fully grasp what they are trying to say.
269. A race who culturally desire ascension into some other higher state beyond their current form. Very big on augmentation, with most members of the race replacing their flesh with prosthetics.
270. The comfort of rain.
271. A lost and discarded heirloom.
272. Wild abandon given fulfillment.
273. The people you meet in liminal spaces.
274. Unspoken words and deep regrets.
275. Addressing it is worse than ignoring its presence.
276. You seem reluctant to ask them questions. They often answer with things you did not seek nor ever wished to know.
277. A rusted, blunt dirk finds purchase in their hands, but the sharpest blade reject them.

278. A really catchy song.
279. A smelly old shoe.
280. A bouncing head.
281. A race of small-sized dragons or dragonpeople who are obsessed with collecting hoards of various objects or treasures and universally talk like Ayn Rand.

282. A race which despises the very concept of race.
283. Transformers, like the toys.
284. Diskworld trolls.
285. Spirits of household items.

286. DALEK.
287. Time Lord.
288. Weeping Angel.

289. People who leave footprints wherever they walk (even in stone)
290. Pollen-eaters
291. People who can make machines with pieces of their bodies (hair, claws, etc.)

292. Kaorti crafters
293. A playable size large gangly and tall race with Swallow Whole spell-like abilities.

294. A race of horrific, all-powerful monsters or world-destroyers or Lovecraftian abominations...that have been shrunk down to roughly the size of pigeons due to a curse. "Tremble, puny mortals!" "Awww!" "STOP AWWING!"
295. Swallow people that have significant trouble walking, but can fly for hours (bonus points if they hibernate underwater)
296. A race that views all humanoids as the same species with only minor differences.
297. A race that lives on fallow fields
298. A race of mechs, but human sized.
299. The precursors from Pacific Rim.
300. A race of evil halflings, similar to drow/elves or duergar/dwarf races.
301. A race of animal companions.
302. A race of semi-humanoid crab-men.
303. A race of hyper-intelligent arboreal cephalapods.
304. A race of psionic dolphins who cannot speak or walk normally, but are telepathic and telekinetic.

305. Corn people
306. Killer whale people
307. Kill deer from the booster rocket wastes

308. A race of small, stealthy humanoids with grey skin that can grow to size medium and turn their skin to stone as an SLA.
309. A race of medium humanoids with stone skin that can shrink to size small and turn their skin stealthy grey as an SLA.

310. A race with unusually long limbs, or perhaps extendible (telescopic?)
311. A race of aberrations that look and act human. They escaped from the dark tapestry and are trying to fit in. Their true form is that of an M sized Shoggoth.
312. People who can hack into the DNA of others, but not their own

313. Walking houses
314. A skinless horse
315. Metal flower people

316. Reptilian people who can float in the air supernaturally with perfect maneuverability, but painfully slowly (like 10 feet)
317. Outsiders with claws, horns, the ability to jump thrice their land speed, and breathes fire

318. Constructed. They must be made of at least a little materials animal, vegetable. mineral, raw materials, and used man made materials. The ritual includes 10000 in various gems. The result is a free willed construct. It's immune to any magic or power that requires a fort save because they have no con. They have the hit dice of the character class or classes selected. While raise dead will not work, make whole and performing the creation ritual again brings them back(possibly rebuilt). They are +2 to all mind effecting spells or powers, but not immune. Spells that do damage to objects, such as rust, do 1D4 per spell level(or equivalent spell level) if they hit with a touch attack. They are otherwise responding to the rules of constructs.
319. A race of Sciencing Fish, originating from the sun. They are able to fly through space and work their way into humanoids brains, taking control of their minds.
320. A race with two heads, one coming from each side of its body, and a singular arm coming from the top of their torso.

321. A race of Honey Badger men, walking around like they own the place and likely to snap you in two if you look at them funny.
322. Ariekei/Hosts
323. Orcs for PF2

323. Largesians
324. Sumacrea
325. Tsla
326. Vssey

327. A race that gets distinct advantages against creatures who find them (and their actions) repugnant, distasteful, or hated. (The race should be relatively attractive or aesthetically pleasing to ensure that creatures are repelled more by actions they take rather than just by appearance, though it might possibly work with a good Disguise check to make themselves repulsive).
328. A caller of rooks
329. Vampires, but balanced for playing
330. A race born of the hurricane

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

331. Long-legged spider plants that can extend themselves to climb over barriers, but at the cost of leaving behind a soulless "foot" bud that they then have to cut loose to grow on its own
332. People that look like road signs in some way or another

333. Tiny-sized and rather plump anthropomorphic animals that everyone mistakes for toys.

334. Humanoids with extreme mood swings, but are permanently stuck with an facial expression of absolute indifference and monotone voices.

335. Giant, muscle-bound humanoids, but with a head more befitting of a small-sized plush toy.

336. Humanoids that draw their powers from a gemstone located in the center of their chest, but also is the source of their life force.

337. Forgotten Beasts from Dwarf Fortress.

338. Humanoids that name their children after wordspells, and has the ability to use the wordspells they're named after as a spell-like ability.

339. Humanoids that look like they should be perfectly corporeal, but are actually incorporeal.

340. Incredibly quick race that is inherently good at contortion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

341.Really smart squirrels that make and pilot human sized magical mechs. They often pose as tanks and one may often join a party of adventurers.

342. Possessed outfits of clothing. Lifespan of only 1-2 years.

343. Humanoids whose innate magic enhances costumes they make, which becomes another form when worn by them (treated as either Greater or Lesser Change Shape).

344. What seems like anthropomorphic animals, but hides a gigantic maw on their abdomen.

345. Enlarged sentient animals, but their heads always looks like that of that species' young. Sickeningly innocent-looking.

346. Withered: undead versions of local races that disguise themselves as normal living versions of themselves, but the facade often gets randomly dropped.

347. Time-Crossed: a race sent from the future to prevent an apocalypse in progress, but a design flaw in their time-shifting technology left them with little memory beyond vague details of the apocalypse. They find medieval weapons too physically demanding to wield practically, but are gifted at gunmanship.

Let's try to get to 500 before the end of March.

348. Sentient Squids that may stand upright with a number of tentacles, but their weight capacity is extremely small. Their weight capacity is multiplied by the number of tentacles they are moving with.

349. Creatures born from the manifestation of dreams.

350. Lanky, almost emancipated-looking houndfolk who focus on marksmanship and disciplinary techniques (ki, grit, inspiration, and panache), and covers their body with scars for an edge on intimidation.

351 a race of small aquatic/amphibious troll-like creatures.

Some suspected them to be distant, weaker or potentially degenerated cousins to the Scrag/River Troll/Sewer Troll. Of course they could be wrong.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

352. A floating head, hands, and forearms (the rest of their body is a nebulous mass of black fog).

353. A race that stands a solid foot taller than elves, but has stubby legs.

354. Scaly centauric creatures with such a dense build that it is often joked that they take everything from home that isn't bolted down whenever they leave the house.

355. A race that can only learn spells by injecting alchemical fluids into their bloodstream (inspired by BioShock).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

356. A swarm in the shape of a humanoid, that can disassemble and reassemble at will.

Liberty's Edge

357. A race that gets bonuses when not connected to solid ground (flying, swimming, in tree canopies)

358. A race of Gollum-like creature (without necessarily the split personaly).

Liberty's Edge

359. A species that can teleport short distances, but that leaves behind a small psychic imprint each time they do

360. A construct composed of scrap, refuse, and excrement.

361. Small creatures that hoard things, and are empowered by their hoards.

Liberty's Edge

362. People who get more or less translucent depending on the ambient air pressure

1 person marked this as a favorite.

363. A race that gets less real or effective (like quasi-real shadow conjurations) the less hit points (or percentage of total hit points) they have.

364. A race that absolutely, undeniably, and unequivocally hates, despises, and often openly attacks another predominate race (dwarf, elf, human, gnome, etc.) and for a legitimate, very real and known reason (it might not be a good reason or one that makes sense to any other race) but it goes both ways and the races will never, ever, trust or get along with each other. They otherwise are as integrated and prevalent as any other other race would be in society or the world (based on however their, as yet indetermined, outlook or traits would normally be viewed).

365. Were-humans. They can turn other races into humans if they bite (or are bitten by) them. [Possibly temporary or during the day, in sunlight, in a farmer's market, etc.]

366. A race that psychically heals creatures that hurt or inflict pain on them (willingly or not). This may create a psychic link between the two creatures that the race may have an ability to exploit.

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367. A race that doesn't have sight or smell, but has a completely different sense that is incomprehensible to humanoids (and most other races that have sight and smell). This Nth sense is their primary sense for interacting with the world, but it doesn't detect other races as substantial, distinct sorts of life forms. Most of their history revolved around the fact that they were surrounded by these ghost-like beings (i. e. humans and other creatures) that they couldn't comprehend until after generations of study, they figured it out.

368. A race that is born with an incomplete soul. In order to survive past the first week, an animal must be sacrificed to supplement the newborn's soul.

369. A race that can share it's body with a dying creature's soul. Once a soul has been taken in, the visiting soul is stuck inside the body until either the host dies, in which case both souls head to the afterlife, or the visiting soul is brought back to life, in which case the soul returns to it's own body or occupy the new body.

370. Brightly colored reptilian creatures that also sport feathers and are often hardcore partyers.

371. Mindless androids or golems that kill intelligent beings, and then those beings' souls get reincarnated into their killer's body.

372. A horrible abomination that comes into being when a dead humanoid is revived near an animal. Forever stuck as a twisted form blending traits of humanoid and animal and housing both souls, competing for control. However, this accident grants the animal sentience, the humanoid the ability to communicate with other animals as the animal soul, and both may learn to cooperate.

373. A race of humanoids bred specifically to house the soul of a dragon should one find themselves dying or withering away from age.

374. A race that doesn't reproduce so much as they grow another soul, which they stuff into corpses.

375. Giant immortal puppies (not dogs, puppies) that charms/dominates those who make eye contact with it.

376. Classical greek monsters that broke free of their curses and intermaried. Basically humanoid but with some traits from Spinx, Minotaurs, Harpies, Lamias, Medusas, ext.

377. Humanoids that are seemingly unaffected by gravity, but cannot manage to stay on the ground.

378. Sapient dogs with serpentine hindquarters.

379. Creatures that get their bodies ripped to shreds over the course of each day, only to come back perfectly ok the next morning.

380. Personable robots with an animalistic aesthetic to their humanoid chassis.

381. Half-Bred: a race of humanoids that reproduce asexually, but only have half of a complete DNA genome as a result. In order to survive, they must recieve blood from other creatures every 48 hours.

382. A race whose traits and racial ability scores change according to the cycle of the seasons.

383. A race that views the world as though the light levels were inverted.

384. A 5,000 POUND TINY RACE!!!

385. An evil-creature-turned-fat-good-guy race (please no creatures that were already fat when they were evil)

Lazaryus wrote:
382. A race whose traits and racial ability scores change according to the cycle of the seasons.

It was a template for Faes, but I kind of have something in this vein in Wayfinder 18.

386 an race, likely Outsider, from the "Land of Dream", are aligned along the line of Dreams and/or Nightmares,

Liberty's Edge

387. Magpie people

388. A humanoid race that can wear the skulls of other races as headpieces and gain slight powers or variant abilities based on the race (and possibly sub-race) of the skull.

389. A race with an aversion or possibly allergy to wood, taking extra damage and being unable to utilize such objects easily.

390. A race that has a chance to spontaneously combust (does not necessarily have to be fire; could be cold, acid, maddening screams, etc.) at certain times or when taking damage. They are not immune (at least not fully) to this damage or any effects it causes, so it isn't pleasant for them either.

391. A race that constantly emits a song on a loop and their voice autotunes to complement the music. While they may turn the music down to a whisper for short periods of time, to go completely silent would kill them.

392. A race that can make creatures fall asleep by grappling them (because of fluffy fur, a soporphoric aroma, or a combination of the two)

393. Chunky dragons. Like, "Max Dex bonus to AC of +0/ all speeds permanently reduced by half, still faces further reduced speed from armor and encumbrance" chunky.

394. Good-guy ghosts that possesses somebody they choose to be their partner, only to sit back and let their host continue living their lives, only occasionally taking over to give advice or to defend against threats that the host were unaware of.

395. Oozes, save that they're more intelligent than the average human and can assume the form of useful architecture/tower shields or two-handed weapons sized for creatures of their size (or equivalently sized weapons and shields for larger creatures).

396 Moleman. Anthropomorphic moles.

397 a race of lycanthrope-like badgers that can assume a Dwarven form as well as a hybrid form.

Liberty's Edge

398. Fungi that infect small bushes and trees, pulling up the plant's roots and using them for ambulation (might have a limited lifespan reflecting the progression of the infection)

399. Creature that reproduces by infecting the skin of another being. Causing boils on the skin, and enlarging when the infant creature starts to grow. Eventually the boil bursts when the infant is ripe.

400. Sand beings, often called sandmen, which eventually lead to a song about a famous wizard being created.
The song was called, "Mr. Sandman."

401. Basically the opposite of 353. Roughly 6 inches shorter than Gnomes, but is 80% leg.

402. A race that only needs to eat and drink one day a year, but on that day, they must eat the flesh and drink the blood of any fresh corpses they come across. Doesn't matter if it's an intelligent creature or something they just killed, they must partake of the corpse first thing.

403. A race of colossal sentient worms that are driven to eat so much that they take up 40 ft X 40 ft. Thankfully, they can eat anything with absolute impunity, and are immune to poisons and diseases that they come into contact with as a result of eating. Wall in the way? They'll eat their way through eventually. Ready to set up camp? They can create a huge trench around it by eating up the ground, then make a bridge in the morning with their waste (which is fertile dirt since worms are decomposers, and dirt covers most of the ground for land masses, in case you're squeamish about the idea of walking on worm scat, genius).

404. Invisible, mute, incorporeal creatures that can teleport other creatures to Limbo (or Purgatory, take your pick) by touching them (get it?).

405. Tiny creatures that are almost always either on a larger creature's shoulder, their head, of peeking out of their bag. Often plays lookout/advisor to whoever's carrying them.

We've got numerous races that are iconic to forests, underground, under the sea, etc., but...

406. A non-flying humanoid race iconic to mountain ranges.

Wait... What would "80% leg" even look like?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lazaryus wrote:
Wait... What would "80% leg" even look like?

Go to One legged creature.

407. Pangolins with even harder scales.

408. Blubber: A member of this race may eat food in excess of the daily requirement and store it as blubber. Each additional day's worth of food eaten adds a point of blubber. They gain a bonus to their natural armor equal to their blubber points and may spend a point of blubber to satisfy their hunger requirement for a day, or for an additional use of any racial Con-based ability that is usable a limited number of times per day. They may store up to their CON modifier (minimum 1) in points of blubber. However, as long as they have points of blubber, they have a Max Dex bonus to AC of +10, which decreases by 1 for each point of blubber. They cannot wear armor with a base Max Dex bonus (before class features and masterwork quality is considered) equal to or less than their current points of blubber. At 2 points of blubber, their speed is reduced as though they were moderately encumbered, overriding all abilities that prevent reduced speed due to encumbrance, and cannot move through any space smaller than them, even by squeezing. At 4 points, their speed is reduced as though they were heavily encumbered, overriding all abilities that prevent reduced speed due to encumbrance, recieve size modifiers (but not to damage die or space) as though they were one size larger, and must squeeze to move through spaces unless it's wider than their token space. At 6 points, they have an effective speed of half of their normal speed, cannot double move or run, take space as though they were one size larger, and can move up through spaces up to one size smaller than their new size only by squeezing. At 8 points, they can only move through spaces of their current token size or larger, even by squeezing. At 10 points, they can move by taking full-round 5-foot steps. While not a race, this is a trait I would like to see implemented in a race.

409. A reptilian race that fills almost every cubic inch of their square simply by standing, acting as a wall on all sides of their square for the purpose of cover, moving through their square, and blocking AoE areas (still is affected by the effect).

410. A race that constantly leaks energy through their pores and the same energy spills out like a waterfall every time they open their mouth.

411. A tiny mix of cat and dog that looks adorable, but has an ego the size of Texas (or Golarion).

412. A race that forces their young through a legendarily brutal curriculum focusing solely on intellectual studies. Youths normally come out of this with their self-esteem completely destroyed.

Liberty's Edge

413. A living beagle aegis

414. A Large creature with +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Wis, and +4 Cha... whatever that looks like.

415. A race with a -6, a +6, and a +2 to scores.

Liberty's Edge

416. People who exude enough heat to make people physically uncomfortable around them (or to warm them up when it's cold)

417. Creatures that emit an aura of perfect comfort, but touching them causes feelings of the most miserable conditions imaginable.

418. Creatures that switch between a Tiny sentient animal/vermin and a Large anthropomorphic version of the same thing.

419. Large folk whose genetics are so volitile that they never know what their racial traits for the day will be, but they will always have a puppy dog mindset.

420. Plant creatures that purposefully set themselves on fire for laughs.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

421. A creature that dies whenever it sleeps for the day. When it dies, it will leave behind an egg, and quickly throughout the 8 hour sleep will have fully regrown with the parents full memory. Allowing the player to continue on where he left off, but having to re-roll his ability scores.

422. Humanoid that can fly, but can only do so at a 5 speed with poor maneuverability.

423. Completely normal humanoid races, but with bobble heads.

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