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Liberty's Edge

424. People with stones for bones

425. Really kind and sweet folk who unfortunately depend on performing morally repugnant actions to stay alive (ie cannibalism).

426) A quadruped race with a rich history and culture whose front paws can hold things but clumsily as they lack opposable thumbs.

Fox Soul wrote:
356. A swarm in the shape of a humanoid, that can disassemble and reassemble at will.

427) A race of physically weak Small humanoids. Four of them can temporarily melt/change shape/amalgamate into a single strong & hardy Medium creature with lower mental attribute scores from four minds not being in total harmony. (Think fleshy versions of the combiner Devastator from the classic G1 Transformers cartoon. Do not think of the Michael Bay version.)

Pizza Lord wrote:
363. A race that gets less real or effective (like quasi-real shadow conjurations) the less hit points (or percentage of total hit points) they have.

428) A race with ancestral origins in the Chaotic plane of The Maelstrom/Limbo whose existence is based upon their own solipsistic force-of-will. Self-doubts and lowered self-esteem translates to varying states of physical intangibility -- which, if learned to be controlled, can be a genuine benefit in combat. But if pushed too far, their lack of surety can damn them to total dissolution.

Lazaryus wrote:

368. A race that is born with an incomplete soul. In order to survive past the first week, an animal must be sacrificed to supplement the newborn's soul.

369. A race that can share it's body with a dying creature's soul. Once a soul has been taken in, the visiting soul is stuck inside the body until either the host dies, in which case both souls head to the afterlife, or the visiting soul is brought back to life, in which case the soul returns to it's own body or occupy the new body.

429) A humanoid race born with an incomplete soul. Upon reaching adulthood, individuals are compelled to seek out an individual of another humanoid race and physically meld together with them into a new amalgam individual who is a hybrid of both parents physical and mental traits. Failure to meld leads to progressive weakness and eventually death.

430) An isolationist race of Large humanoids/giants who have no children. During their cyclical periods of fertility, the giants become contagious; prolonged contact, peaceable or otherwise, with Small and Medium humanoids will eventually infect these smaller races with a virus that slowly and uncomfortably, sometimes painfully, transforms them into members of the giant race. Conservation of mass and the cube-square rules both apply, so infected individuals are compelled to resort to incredible gluttony. Multiple Small and Medium infectees who spend too much time in close proximity find the virus will physically meld them together into a larger individual, regardless of their consent or mental compatibility, until full gianthood is reached.

Lazaryus wrote:

369. A race that can share it's body with a dying creature's soul. Once a soul has been taken in, the visiting soul is stuck inside the body until either the host dies, in which case both souls head to the afterlife, or the visiting soul is brought back to life, in which case the soul returns to it's own body or occupy the new body.

374. A race that doesn't reproduce so much as they grow another soul, which they stuff into corpses.

431) A Pathfinder/Starfinder version of the Kobali from Star Trek: Voyager.

Lazaryus wrote:
375. Giant immortal puppies (not dogs, puppies) that charms/dominates those who make eye contact with it.

375b. As standard 375, but they store their souls in paintings, such as these examples.

Pizza Lord wrote:
388. A humanoid race that can wear the skulls of other races as headpieces and gain slight powers or variant abilities based on the race (and possibly sub-race) of the skull.

432) A humanoid race born with small mouth slits, nostrils, and transparent sealed eyelids, but otherwise lacking nearly any distinguishing physical outer characteristics of race, ethnicity, and sex; likewise, their mental mindset is similarly stunted and limited in flexibility/possibility. They are basically mannequins except of flesh instead of plastic. Upon maturing, they legally become adults by constructing their first mask, which grants them an unique individual physical appearance, and shapes their mental/emotional mindset, with all the traits they were lacking. As they gain additional life experiences and interact with other races, they may accrue "points" to fuel the crafting of other new masks, with each granting another unique form and identity.

Because they spend so much time interacting with other races, it is a not uncommon occurrence for a mask, especially the first one, to be inspired (often unconsciously) by a particularly charismatic and/or heroic/infamous individual of another race that the new guise it grants is similar enough physically and psychologically to be (mis)taken as the inspiring individual's sibling (with all the complications and entanglements that can involve). Unless specific intricate and costly arcane rituals are performed -- which even if successful, has not insignificant drawbacks -- they remain forever connected to their retinue/wardrobe of masks. Damage and/or destruction to a single mask is experienced as a severe wounding to their soul, including attribute damage and/or drain, and possibly even death if more than one mask is destroyed. Worse, desecration or "re-carving" of a mask can warp that individual into a "Renfield" unwilling bound to their new master.

In Golarion, this race's ancestry might (or might not) be traced back to followers of Sivanah from other races who collectively were curse/blessed by that deity for their own actions or as a means to an (unknown to mortals) end.

Edit: I think I need to separately write up this race myself.

Lazaryus wrote:
395. Oozes, save that they're more intelligent than the average human and can assume the form of useful architecture/tower shields or two-handed weapons sized for creatures of their size (or equivalently sized weapons and shields for larger creatures).

433) A race of puddings/oozes who are like gametes and must seek out a single alchemical potion/elixir/oil/balm/etc. with which they permanently commingle/blend to become a new solid humanoid who can temporarily assume an oozy form but with limited oozy abilities that improve as they level up. Their humanoid attribute scores and racial traits are largely derived from the specific effects of the alchemical potion "parent".

Fox Soul wrote:
423. Completely normal humanoid races, but with bobble heads.

434) A near-human race except physiologically-jointed enfleshed versions of the flailing inflatable noodlefolk.

Lazaryus wrote:
407. Pangolins with even harder scales.

435) A pangolin heritage of Small skinwalkers.

436) A race of humanoid glompadillos, only better than my anemic attempt.

Liberty's Edge

437. Venetian blinds-type people who can turn near-invisible in the horizontal plane

Lazaryus wrote:

417. Creatures that emit an aura of perfect comfort, but touching them causes feelings of the most miserable conditions imaginable.

418. Creatures that switch between a Tiny sentient animal/vermin and a Large anthropomorphic version of the same thing.

419. Large folk whose genetics are so volatile that they never know what their racial traits for the day will be, but they will always have a puppy dog mindset.

420. Plant creatures that purposefully set themselves on fire for laughs.

419. Sleeper waking

meals taking.
Sleeper speeding
people bleeding.
Sleeper sleeping
features leaping.
See the wild cards series of paperbacks.

420. That's how they spread their seeds.

438) A race of naturally occuring "living" wight*. Will not quite undead, they are not as alive as a Dhampir would be.

*Or any corporeal undead really.

439. Hard light creatures.

440. Tauric creatures that have so much control over their forms that they can choose a different creature to emulate for each body part: Head, L. Arm, R. Arm, LF. Leg, RF. Leg, LH. Leg, RH. Leg, Tail, Torso. This ability only works if they use a polymorph effect on themselves, but using this ability doesn't require additional castings.

441. A squirrel version of a minotaur. So a humanoid with a squirrel head. Terrifying.

442. Humans, but with clawed, reptilian hands and wrists and are great at channeling a single energy type.

443. Creatures that look human, but their real form is a colored aura over their human appearance in the form of crystalline armor.

444. Tiny taurs (the four-leggers)

445. What you get when you cross a housecat, a bird, and a rabbit.

446. Tiny taurs (the animal-headed ones).

447. Tiny reptilians well known for their frequent and explosive vomit (cone of acid).

448. Winged dog-like creatures with oversized teeth and an overbite.

449. Hyperintelligent oozes that can imitate other creatures, but they always have a teenager's attitude.

450. Good-guy troglodytes with the same ungodly awful stench as normal troglodytes, but tries way, way, WAY too hard to make up for it.

Just 50 more to go before April!

Liberty's Edge

451. A race that by itself consists of just a head, with a set of tiny legs coming out of their neck that they can use to very slowly move around. They can attach themselves to corpses of other races that have been beheaded, gaining that individuals physical ability scores (and potentially some racial abilities as well, such as half-or ferocity or dwarven sure-footedness).

452. Dolphin people, which physically look exactly like normal dolphins, with telekinetic powers allowing them to manipulate objects and somewhat fly.

453. A race that is only awake for one year each decade.

454. A mass of worms that occupy the flayed skins of other creatures.

455. A race that breed diseases within their bodies.

456. Ki-rin, But under pony finder rules. When they rage they have fire shield up.

457. Just a brain, mouth, and spine.

458. Arachnid people.

These as several possible approach
A) A spider-like creature
B) A scorpion-like creature
C) A generic arachnid creature
D) A base generic chassis with "specialised package" (in the same vein as Alluria Publishing Entobian)
E) Distinct and seperate subspecies (one per arachnid type).

List of all (most) arachnid type:
-Mite people;
-Opiliones People (Harvestman/harvester/Daddy longlegs);
-Hooded tickspider people;
-Solifuge people;
-Tick people (both hard and soft);
-Pseudoscorpion people;
-Scorpion people;
-Spider people (both web and trapdoor);
-Whip spider people;
-Whip scorpion people.

459. A full set of vital organs encased in a humanoid shell of force.

460. Anthros that wear concealing clothing to hide the fact that their head, hands, and feet aren't connected to their torso and may move them up to five feet away from their torso without any problems.

461. A race of highly advanced anthropomorphic (Canadian) Goose.

462. Creatures that create a mask during childhood and wears that mask for the rest of their lives. Removal of the mask causes them to get nervous.

463. Creatures that would never be allowed into a settlement in their true form. Thankfully, they can take the form of a human for a few minutes at a time.

464. Aberrations that can assume human form. They live in fear of remembering their mission from the dark tapestry. Their true form is as an M sized shoggoth.

Liberty's Edge

Wasn't 464 already in the list somewhere? I remember almost the exact same phrasing.

465. Creatures that subsist on arsenic-containing compunds
466. People that clean the air around themselves (potentially also replenishing oxygen)

Gark the Goblin wrote:

Wasn't 464 already in the list somewhere? I remember almost the exact same phrasing.

465. Creatures that subsist on arsenic-containing compounds
466. People that clean the air around themselves (potentially also replenishing oxygen)

I searched the topic for Shoggoth, but it's only that one. I think I suggested it in a similar topic or 2.

Goth Guru wrote:
Gark the Goblin wrote:
Wasn't 464 already in the list somewhere? I remember almost the exact same phrasing.
I searched the topic for Shoggoth, but it's only that one. I think I suggested it in a similar topic or 2.

It was an Aboleth in disguise.

467. Genie-like dragons.

468. Cheery aberrations.

469. Lightning-obsessed creatures with a ridiculously high land speed.

470. Dragon statue creatures that grant luck to other creatures.

471. Draconic slimes.

472. Dragons that are tethered to their allies by a god, prohibiting splitting up the party.

473. Dragon weasels.

474. Moonfolk.

475. Ryuujin (see Ryuutama).

476. 3rd generation Skum that wear spacesuits so they can come out on land.

477. Parrotfolk, possibly excessively talkative.

478. Hummingbird people, very hyper.

479. What you'd get if birds had dragon abilities.

480. Bird oozes. What I'd imagine them being is a blob covered in feathers that extend bird parts from its own mass from time to time, but definitely not mindless.

481. Blood oozes.

482. Friendly slimes that cling to creatures for warmth as they need heat to survive, but can't produce it. Won't eat living or warm flesh.

483. Ectoplasmic oozes that can eat incorporeal creatures, as well as creatures from across the Material-Etheral plane barrier.

484. Animal slimes (expansion from 480).

485. Dragons with vocal chords that can only let them speak Draconic, but they can still learn to understand, read, and write other languages.

486. Creatures that look like giant animals, but with dragon horns and spine, a second pair of legs (if avian), a pair of feathered wings (if not avian), and the usual dragon abilities. Vocal chords would only let them make animal noises, but naturally understands, reads, and writes Draconic, and can learn other languages, too.

Liberty's Edge

487. Woolly bear people

488. Wooly bully people

489. Shadowy looking slimes with white glowing eyes that can extend tendrils from itself, as well as assume a humanoid form (but only by containing it's body inside clothing).

490. Dog people, but with glorious manes of feathers.

Liberty's Edge

491. People with an incredibly accurate sense of time; the ability to track not just minutes but seconds, subconsciously
492. People with birthmarks depicting natural features of places far from home

493. Humanoid Tardigrades.

Liberty's Edge

494. Cars (the movie)

495. Spindly 12 ft. tall, dark-skinned humanoids with eyes like polished pearls.

496. Humanoids with feathers on their arms that grow in a way that makes them resemble robe sleeves.

497. Crystal creatures with breath weapons corresponding to chromatic dragons of their color.

498. Razor legs.

499. Creatures with two furred tentacles growing out the back of their necks.

500. Kobolds (but the cat kind).

501. A race the generates an inherent 'stability field' around themselves, which mitigates or nullifies some (or all) aspects of instability in a radius around them. Some examples might be: earthquakes, preventing transformations or shapeshifting, preventing oozes from splitting, or mental states from changing to 'unstable' modes, like confusion, rage, or insanity, etc.

502. Creatures with a detachable limb. Possibly requiring concentration and visibility to the limb for control, possibly autonomous. Also, they are highly allergic to plants of the broccoli family.

503. Kobolds, but the poetic, gentle-souled ones.

504. Weregeese or gooseweres.

505. Obsessive terrier-like humanoids.

506. Kobolds, the earth spirits who turn good, valuable ores into worthless cobalt.

507. were chihuahuas, often mistaken for were rats.

Liberty's Edge

508. Things that were chihuahuas, before the accident
509. People born from gross sacs in the earth like lotr movie orcs

510. An enslaved race that are used as batteries by advanced constructs, but are slowly breaking free.

511. The constructs from above.

512. Desert dwellers that are trained extensively in either dragon slaying or coordinated combat alongside dragons (depending on their tribe's values).

513. People that can pass for a preexisting race, but only knows draconic, sports claws and a powerful bite, and act rather primitive (probably just a package of alternative traits, but could still count as a subrace).

514. What happens when plants get dragon powers.

515. Fire-spewing glass people of the desert.

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516. My 5 year-old daughter dew me a picture of a unicorn dragon that walks around on two legs and breathes fire and sparkly rainbows, so there you go.

Liberty's Edge

517. Sports buffmen

518. Aberrations with storm motifs rather than Naval.

519. Aberrations that lives through other creatures' mindscapes.

520. Undead with an affinity for haunting other creatures' dreams and landscapes (read: Freddy Kreuger).

521. Prinnies from the Disgaea series, dood!

522. The Marsh Wiggles from Narnia.

Liberty's Edge

522 being different from Puddleglums

523. CATS people

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