[TRAILseeker] Deep Space Encounters II

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We've just published our 180th article over on TRAILseeker! If you're traveling through space you can find almost everything... But what does that “everything” contain? This article provides you with random generators perfect for your Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventures! From the Grey Market to the Magical Nebula (and including the Exotic Planetoid and Unique Ship Design) these tables should help you come up with details in the spur of the moment—just when you need them the most! By Michael McCarthy; illustrated by Giacomo Marchesi and Pixabay.

In TRAILseeker we publish everything from random generating tables, like these ones, to new character traits, spells, adventure locations, feats, classes, etc. You can access this and all the other 179 articles for as little as $1 here. If you show join our Patreon and show interest, we can definitely publish more Starfinder-compatible content! :D

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