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Quick question, actually 2..

1. I know shipping is weird, but my shipping for 7579741 is in several parcels. It's a weird order combining minis and singles. Could you double check on that before it goes out?

2. I have an AP pending as well (7657979). I'm going to guess that that order isn't taken into account with the previous order. Might be cheaper to combine the two orders? I genuinely don't know.

Regardless, thanks for your attention. I know you just got back from the holidays / inventory and you're likely backed up.


Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Zi Mishkal,

The Goblin Archer in order 7579741 is not currently on stock and was separated from the other items. It appears to be a backorder item, which we do not have any specific information on future availability. I have left this item in that order, so it does not hold up any of the other items. If the item comes back in stock, the order will still reserve them, and you will not be charged unless the order ships out to you. Please let me know if you would like to make any changes to that item due to its backorder status.

I have moved all other items in the order to the order containing your AP subscription item. You should soon receive an updated confirmation email for this order. Please give it a look and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

I did! It looks great. I hadn't realized the archer was on backorder. I'll just cancel the archer then.

you all are great, thanks again! :)

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