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Ok, so this is a minor issue (probably) and may be either a difference of intent, or confusion between what needs to be tracked in PFS vs what needs to be tracked in SFS.

I have initially placed this issue in the SFS forums because I wanted higher visibility - I think posts in the GM forums get less attention, and posts in the Website Issues forum get less attention from the Organized play team.

Let me provide you with a picture of the issue, and then we can go into the specifics:(Click here to see the image, because I cannot show one in the post) {Numbers have been redacted to protect the guilty}

Now for commentary on the issue:

Almost all of the fields in the SFS reporting sheet (from a recent scenario PDF) and the reporting website refer to "Fame" as the value being tracked, except for on the reporting website, which has a header listing that "Reputation" is the resource being tracked.

Often times, I would say that it is the exception that should be fixed, and not everything else, but with the way that "Fame" and "Reputation" work in SFS, I believe that "Reputation" with the various factions is what is intended to be tracked for SFS. (Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.)

Thoughts from others on this issue? Should "Fame" on the reporting sheets and reporting website for SFS be replaced with "Reputation"?




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That scenario rewards a bonus Reputation for Second Seekers (LE), so it looks like everything is being tracked correctly (which shocks me more than anything).

So you should have, and did, receive 2 Fame and 3 Reputation.

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Some Starfinder scenarios have the additional reputation checkboxes. Most do not.

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Well, It is tracked correctly because I manually added A 3rd reputation point to the SS(LE) characters in question. The system did not add them in automatically.

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But everyone gets that extra reputation with SS:LE, not just those who slotted SS:LE.


Yes, but it is impossible to report that extra reputation that characters who are not championing the SS:LE faction due to a currently missing additional reputation checkbox with 01-29.

My main question here is not about a missing "additional reputation" checkbox, however, there is another thread I started in the Website Feedback forum about that. (And the Web People are checking about it, according to their most recent post).

The question here is the inconsistencies between the forms and the reporting website, to determine if you are supposed to report the "Fame" that they earned or the "Reputation" that they earned.

The website is not going to be a reliable substitute for paper tracking. I think its there mostly to give paizo a big picture idea of what's going on in terms of faction participation and whatnot.

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The way I see it, fame is what is gained during the game and recorded on the reporting sheet. Reputation is what the website should track since you can't spend the fame on the website. It's tracking how much their reputation went up. Now the extra rep is a separate issue but since I haven't played nor run that scenario I can't comment on that.

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I agree it’s confusing and should be clarified.

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I'm a brand new Society GM and reporting is easily the most opaque part of the whole process. This issue right here is a great example.

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Just popping in here to say that I've seen this and will see what I can do.

I admit that reporting is something that is outside my usual wheelhouse, so I'll need to bring it up to the operations side of the organization to see what can be done. I'll see if I can carve some time in an upcoming meeting to discuss some of these problems, or at least make sure it's on someone's radar.


They recently fixed an issue with some of the Scenarios that grant Bonus reputation that were missing Bonus Reputation checkboxes by adding the checkboxes to those scenarios.

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