Diffrent Starting Areas instead of the Greenbelt??


I've been watching the bbc merlin tv show again (Colin Morgan one), and it gave me some ideas for a variant Kingmaker campaign.
Has anyone considered using a diffrent area other than the stolen lands as a jumping point for it?
my idea in my head was thinking of using Artume for our starting characters- more specifically the EverBloom village (NICE idea from Wayfinder #15))- to create a "merlinisque" type of campaign. Using a younger version of Prince Edwyrd , a milani cleric/ monk and couple of diffrent types of cavaliers as well as getting a spell caster/ ranger/druid rouge types from diffrent areas -

The idea is , instead of starting from scratch- start from the village at lowlevel- explore the area, instead of the staglords bandits and low level bosses- we'd fight the low level bandits/thugs used by the false regent in the kingdome of Artume. working our way up the chain of command so to speak. and instead of the big boss fight being the staglord/and other events before the war with pitax- we'd be helping Edwyrd reclaim his throne and bring stability to Artume. moving from Artume to an area on the map called "thorn" or Thom ???) without trespassing on the OutSea teritory. using diplomacy with the thom area to join the kingdom, make a trade/non agression pact with OutSea, at higher levels begin laying claim to the Loric Fells area.

Once the Fells have been tamed- the war with Pitiax could commence much the same way as it does in the standard KM series - and going from there to the stolen lands proper - with the high teens levels ending with Thousand voices/ agian much the same as standard.

Thoughts/ ideas? thanks

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I´m trying doing that by 2 parties at the same game one at Greenbelt and other at Nomen. But I´m lacking of information about it.

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I ran KM when it was first released. My group completed it then, and now I plan to run it again. One of the players in my original group is in my current group, and I want it to be different for her (and me).
I've taken a LOT of ideas from these forums (thank you, all) to help change the plot to something very different.
While looking for a new land, I stumbled upon The Forbidden Lands from Fria Ligan (google it - really cool world and history).
So... I'm going to use their map and some of their world history in my new game.

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As a fun thought experiment, I have considered this a couple times as a potential reboot of our Kingmaker campaign. I would start each character in a different region (Greenbelt, Nomen, and Glenebon) and restructure the maps slightly, as well as the enemies, specifically CR spread. I would need 1 or 2 low-level mobs for each area, keeping mites and kobolds, as well as bandits, for Greenbelt. For the Nomen, I have considered another low-level fey (attached to the spriggans) and undead (wandering rogue from Vordekai). For Glenebon, I would keep the boggards and water striders, maybe adding goblins or barbaric spider-riding kobolds to the land areas. Greenbelt already has trolls for mid-levels, Nomen already has centaurs and manticores, Glenebon needs something in the CR 5-8 range, maybe chuul/crabmen or athach, plus barbarian patrols. I could probably reuse random encounter tables across all areas. Each land probably needs an endboss and mini-dungeon, similar to Vordekai. Greenbelt could level-up the Talonquake or Hargulka's fortress. I do not know if I will ever run this version, but I have had a lot of enjoyment thinking about it.

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