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One of my players will be a Trapper and wanted to buy some of that Bear Trap listed by 2gp in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide (d20pfsrd link).

But under Traps (where I used to understand the traps on Trap Filled Glade section) there is another Bear Trap (pack of 12) that by definition of the Crafting: Traps rules costs 1.000gp, and both ones are disturbing similar.

My homebrew rules about it, made with the player:

- We try to get the rule of the craft and figured it out how are the 2gp one.

- The homebrew rule we use is modifying a bit the Table: CR Modifiers for Mechanical Traps to include CRs lower than 1, like 1/2, 1/3. So let's say if you take Perception DC 15 from 20, you only reduce de CR by 1/2, instead -1.

- We kept this thinking and extrapole to the cost until we get that 2gp trap.


- knowning a pack of 12 Bear TRap CR1 is 1000gp, we got 85 gp per trap.
- Perception 20 -> 15 = 85gp -> 41gp
- DC 20 -> 15 = 41gp -> 20gp
- +10 attack -> +5 attack = 20gp -> 10gp
- 2d6+3 damage -> 1d6+2 damage = 10gp -> 5gp
- Disable Device 20, Escape Artist 22, Strengh 26 -> DD 15, EA 15, Str 20 = 5gp -> 2gp

We ended up with:
Lesser Bear Trap
CR 0 (or 1/8) (Cost 2g each)
Perception 15 CD 15
+5 attack (1d6+2 dmg)
Str 18

It was a way to balance that specific trap using (even modified) the craft traps rules.

What do you guys think?

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Shameless bump.

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The reason is the mechanical traps cost is complete BS, to prevent players from using them and keeping them as a GM tool. The ranger traps shouldn't cost anything, and the player can use wounding trap. r-archetypes/trapper/ranger-traps

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