Spiritualist: Fractured Mind + Lust Emotional Foci

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Someone has to have asked before... How does the Fractured Mind work if you have a non OA Emotional Foci? I really wanna build this character but having no SLAs would be a massive shot in the foot for the character.

A couple of non OA emotional foci have writeups for this. Lust isn't one of them.

So homebrew, basically. Just off the top of my head charm person, shield other, sanctuary, charm monster might work as the SLA list.

Thems would be 4 really fun spells.

I figure though rather than asking for homebrew, I'll just ask if they can default to the base SLAs for Spiritualists. Since I'm planning on Spirit Symbiosis at 7, it's going to allow for swapping SLAs as needed for different adventures.

That said, this kind of missing information has me kind of hoping some effort will go into a Pathfinder 1e Complete. An editing run through all the content, fixing errata, filling in some of these kinds of mismatches that were made by some of the archtypes as new options were released, and possibly reorganizing things like having all of a class' options in one piece of literature.

Of course at this point, it's kind of a pipe dream.

Depending on what you consider "valid content"... not entirely unfeasible. ^_^

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