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I recently had a character concept for a "Telekinetic" Character that specializes somewhat in internalizing their telekinetic strength to enhance their mundane abilities instead of lifting objects. However I was rather upset to find that that basically isn't possible as far as I can tell without either...

Another complication would be that there are no real Archetypes that help with this either since I was hoping for this concept to be a full bab, the big party fighter type.

1: Spellcrafting Physical enhancement and/or Enhance Strength onto your telekinesis effect, which at that rate why not cut out the middleman and be an enhancement specialist instead of telekinetic specialist.

2: Make some kind of BS with homebrewing... Which granted I will say somewhat that I could see this working, something like you can wield an object that you have under sustained force and add your casting modifier to damage with it or something.

Granted admittedly this character design came more from a book I want to write than from a campaign I was planning to play in, but I've used Spheres for a LOT of inspiration for the story already and thought to keep going with a bit of a challenge to take some liberties but not a huge amount of them.

A lot depends on how you choose to flavor things. o wo You could just refer to self-enhancement as a kind of telekinesis.

I guess that... Well admittedly my opinion is kinda BS about it but I'm kinda stuck because I want the character to use some actual telekinesis talents (mostly dampen and Flight) but with the case of a warrior-mage would gain dr 5/piercing at 20th level (Which even 10 piercing isn't great but it's at least ok) and with flight, a medium character needs 8th CL to carry themselves, meaning they need 16th level to fly where I remember that... the whole 'optimization' group believes flight generally is available around level 5. I don't necessarily think that it's fair to have a fit about CL when I definitely understand the reasons for the balance (I mean hell, a normal telekinesis build being able to fly and hit people with warships isn't necessarily something you want to give to a full-bab without some major specialization), but there isn't that much for telekinetics that DON'T want to bludgeon with dancing weapons but still want some ability to use their abilities to hit people. Granted I'm probably super weird.

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