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Hello All,

I just need a bit of clarification.

At Level 1 Hit Points are equal to: Ancestry HP + Class HP + Con Mod

I got that fine from the rules.

Where I am a bit confused is...

Beyond Level 1, is it...

Calculation #1... Ancestry HP + (Level x (Class HP + Con Mod))


Calculation #2... Ancestry HP + (Level x Class HP) + Con Mod


It's just class and con mod past first level. No dice rolling or anything.

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It's actually laid out in the class descriptions fighter says, for example "10 plus your Constitution modifier" and this is what you add to your HP every time you level up.

So a 1st level Dwarf Fighter with 16 Con will have 10 (ancestry) + 10 +3. When this character levels up, they will gain 13 HP.

So it works out to be Ancestry + Level(Class+ConMod). In essence this is the same as it always was except:
- you get bonus HP at 1st level so low level characters are less squishy.
- you get the maximum number from your class/hit dice instead of rolling.

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Thanks, That is what I was leaning towards. I just wanted to make sure.

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HP=[race HP]+[level x [ClassHP + Con]]

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