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Where can you find the listings of schools/styles in opposition to each other? I've read over the expanded traditions list, but they don't really offer suggestions. I am looking to develop a clan in opposition to the Veiled Moon style and need some ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, what you're looking for does not exist. Path of War does not have a concept of opposition schools as a base part of its design.

Thanks for the response.

If your setting has such oppositions, I'd suggest Solar Winds as opposition. Veiled Moon is stealthy, shadowy, while Solar Winds has light and perception.

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It might be interesting to simply have other institutions or trainers of the same schools be "in opposition". As in "my master's kung fu is better than your master's kung fu" or "sifu teaches the true Riven Hourglass... yours teaches shame."

That's actually a good idea. And it fits in with the bad martial arts movie trope perfectly. Those can be gold mines of ideas, too.

Indeed there is not such a thing. However, Black Seraph and Silver Crane are clearly opposed to each other, same as Cursed Razor and Eternal Guardian.

You can also considerer some basic concepts of disciplines to make then "thematically opposed" (as suggested by KahnyaGnorc), such as:

* Scarlet Throne focus on one hand combat, while Thrashing Dragon focus on two-weapon fighting
* Iron Tortoise is defense, allowing it to be opposed by any "damage dealing" discipline (Primal Fury, Elemental Flux, Piercing Thunder), however, Piercing Thunder switches well between attack and defence, while Iron Tortoise has almost defense-like maneouvers, making then a good choise for opposed disciplines.
* Veiled Moon is "dirty fighting", while Mithral Current is "honored fighting"

Another suggestion is draw a wheel over two axes: (x) Attack <--> Defense and (b) Solo <--> Team. Distribute the disciplines arround this wheel according it proximity to each axe (a discipline is more close to defense if it has many maneouvers that avoid damage or increase AC, and more close to attack if it has many maneouvers that deal damage; or maneouvers affects the player or the allies, for solo <--> team axe). Opposed disciplines are those opposed by themself into the wheel.

I would put Scarlet Throne (one-handed, discipline of nobility) opposed with Primal Fury (two-handed, savage discipline), rather than Thrashing Dragon.

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