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I'm thinking to run a scenario where the PCs are working for Andoran intelligence against Cheliax.

So, two questions: (1) Is there anything in canon about the Andoran intelligence service? A name, a location, who runs it? (2) If there isn't, any thoughts or suggestions on how it might work? Andoran is NG aligned which seems like it might make things a bit harder.

Thanks much in advance,

Doug M.

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You want the Twilight Talons.
The mission impossible branch of the Eagle Knights, the ones their government can't acknowledge because, well, they're spies, saboteurs and more.

The Steel Falcons themselves might have some more overt agents as well, but that's more speculations on my part. At the very least a terrestrial equivalent of the Grey Corsairs, working with the Bellflower Network, makes sense. Nothing too nasty though, that's probably Talon territory.
Giving a subtle hand to abolitionists and rebels though ? Sure.

Beyond the wiki, the IS World Guide has some basic stuff, I imagine the andoran book has more. Maybe the Intrigue books ?

Ah ha. Helpful! Thank you.

-- Hmm, the Talons aren't very well documented at all. I have the Andoran splatbook. They're mentioned a few times; no details are given. Apparently they're also mentioned in one module and -- in passing -- in one PF Tales novel. And that's it. Well, I guess it's good that there's still a lot of undocumented stuff in Golarion.

I guess that's all, then?

Doug M.

The Twilight Talons have a write up (with their PrC) in the Adventurer's Guide as well, in the Eagle Knights chapter.

It establishes that "Helena Trellis" (12th level human investigator) is in charge of the Talons, though she has cover as a middle manager trainee examiner, the only person who knows her real job is the overall commander of the Eagle Knights.

Aha, I see the Twilight Talons PrC over on Pretty obviously a rogue class, and mostly useful for NPCs. (It also has that archetype-y flavor that infects a lot of Paizo PrCs, but never mind that now.)

Doug M.

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