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I have charismatic socialite alchemist that I'd like to take a familiar with, but the visual imagery of a large grotesque lump sticking out of her flesh just doesn't mesh with garden parties and high society balls. I was thinking something like a tattoo, but I didn't want to step on the sorcerer's shtick. Any thoughts?

When it is detached, it isn't a grotesque lump.

You could give your familiar the figment archetype, then it is an imaginary tumor.

If you just want reflavor, you could have it completely absorb into your body if your GM is ok with that. If your familiar is diminutive it would be fairly easy to conceal, less so for tiny of course.

Tumor familiar is mechanically balanced pretty well against a regular familiar, your GM might let you just have a regular familiar instead, The Ioun Wyrd strikes me as one that would be pretty fitting for an alchemist.

Dave Justus wrote:
imaginary tumor

Putting hypochondriasis on the next level!

“It’s not a toomah!”

Have your familiar attach to areas well-covered by clothing. A ballgown could easily cover something on the thigh, stomach, or lower back.

Have you ever seen lightning scarring? Spread the tumor familiar out in spiderweb fashion on the upper arm or the like.

Could also be internalized. On the stomach or similar and when it comes time to split off you just puke it up. If needed in a social situation you disappear into the bathroom to let it loose, then resume the party.

I was in a party with a Skald with a tumor familiar, we ended up reflavouring it as a magical tattoo that resembled it's detached form, and could move around on the Skald's body

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As stated, the tumor doesn't have to be a gross external lump. It can reside inside the body, and then burst out like Alien, whenever needed.

Could even be a cool character thing.

Sipping champagne at a fancy ball and getting hit on by a handsome prince. Your eyes drifting between his persistent gaze and the two suspicious half-orcs across the room. (All of the sudden, on draws a blade and moves upon one of your allies).

"Excuse me, good sir" as you ask him playfully to hold your glass.

He obliges as his eyes wander curiously towards your bosom... In his mind, he's making you quite nervous. He thinks he's going to get lucky. Look, your heart is beating heavily, practically beating out of your chest. Wait... it really is beating out of your chest!!

"What the F^#&!!!". His face is showered in blood as fluffy the gore drenched hedgehog springs from a wound in your chest onto a nearby dining table.

You slip two daggers from a sheath on a garter belt under your dress, turn to the shocked and horrified prince. "You look spectacular in red dear". Then charge off to battle.

That was funny, well done.

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