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Can someone clearly explain how to calculate a characters Focus Points in the new rules. I am somewhat confused.

Race = 1 pt
Cha = +modifier

When you gain a power or feat that grants spell points do they add to your total or not?

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Doesn't matter, they're getting rid of Focus Points in the final version so!

so if they've done away with Focus - Are we back to Spell points and Resonance ?

I haven't seen anything as of Update 1.6 that has touched on this ?

They talked about it in a twitch stream back before Christmas. So we don't know what exactly the rules will look like, but it seemed that they won't be using either resonance or focus in the final version. Maybe they will use the "resonance" as in number of invested items you are capable of using each day. I don't think there is any indication that spell points is going away. It will be interesting to see if they do anything else to make Charisma more relevant, if both resonance and focus is going away.

There won't be any more playtest updates as it's now over. It was in a stream. Resonance itself is gone from the release version of PF2 aside from something like the "you can only use X equipped items at once". Resonance use to activate items is gone. Focus is gone.

Wands themselves won't be the same thing either, which makes the most sense. Since the thing they waanted to get rid of was wand spam, changing wands (something which people aren't generally that attached to working a certain way) is a lot more straightforward than coming up with these huge systems to try and do it.

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