Slot Restrictions, Resonance. Are any magic item restrictions relevant anymore?

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WatersLethe wrote:
Honestly, I might cry actual tears because they finally did something to prepare ahead of time.

lol, this hit a little too close to home for my players, too.

Okay, so earlier there was a comment asking if any magic items with non-gold limitations would be game breaking. Can't find the comment without way too much digging but I do have a reply.

Wand of True Strike.

DIRT cheap after early levels, you can just grab plenty to where you will never run out. Constantly being able to spend 1 action to get Advantage on your next attack roll is broken as FRICK. Particularly for casters using touch spells. The hand requirement makes it a little less broken for gishes but still. Though if we're talking about ditching slots altogether then I guess a Wand wouldn't take up a hand?

I expect there are other low to mid level spells that would be broken to spam at mid to high levels. Mirror Image comes to mind as well.

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Interesting. This isn't directly what was looked for since wands don't fall under the Items Worn Limit being discussed, but it's a good hack worth discussing.

It's hard to say how broken the final version will be since we simply don't know anything about wands at this point. Jason Buhlman even brought this up on this week's twitch feed saying what seemed to be that wands were wide open for new interpretations.

Final playtest updates and 1.7 dropped forms of resonance restriction, but how that interacts with wands is unclear. My point here is that the wand as designed in the playtest CRB assumed you had to spend resonance to activate it. That prevented the abuse you're describing.

However, I will give it to you that a 1-verbal-action spell that gives you two to-hit rolls has lots of potential for abuse if left restricted only by gold AND that gold amount was only 2.7gp per cast.

Casters should be looking for exploits like this for short bursts without expecting to do it 10 rounds in a row. For example, having a scroll in hand could let you do the trick round 1, then you could cast it for real round 2 and have a double super accurate couple rounds.

Wands will always take a hand by definition.

Interesting find.

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