Riverdale hates on D&D


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Gotta say I am really not happy with the ongoing subplot this season involving Gryphons & Gargoyles (G&G to its players), a sort of hybrid board game/tabletop RPG/LARP. Just reading the player's manual apparently turns people into obsessive gamers who will gladly commit ritual murder or suicide in order to "ascend to the next level" in service of the Gargoyle Kind.

It's worse than Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeons."

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I hear in the second edition of G&G they're going to tone down the ritual murder.

At which point it won't really be G&G any more, for anyone who started with 1e.

Oh, and in my original post, that should have been Gargoyle King, not Kind.

Yeah, seems like it might be kind of a cool storyline, if it wasn't echoing real-life Satanic Panic for a general audience. Crap.

The background/origin for G&G is...different, anyway. A couple of decades back, The Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a really terrible religion-based asylum (which sports its own gay conversion wing) used a statue of a gargoyle to scare the children in their care. Apparently some of these kids created G&G as a way of coping with their fear of the "Gargoyle King."

Of course, that does nothing to explain the slavish devotion engendered by present day readers. Drug-laced "Fizzle Rocks" (Pop Rocks) are being freely distributed, and the hallucinogenic effects enhance the game immersion.

The orphanage in question, still in operation, is dosing its children with Fizzle Rocks, ostensibly as part of some sort of controlled experiment. It's not clear why such an experiment is underway if the same drug is being handed out free to every kid in town (and at least the next town over.)

There is as yet no explanation for the present day manifestations of the Gargoyle King, who appears in the most unlikely places, looks scary for a minute, but never actually does anything.

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