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The Wayfinders HQ and largest ship in the Society's fleet, the Master of Stars certainly lends itself to being a big ol ship with many a start points in several adventures and even some segments of the ship (1-01 Commencement for example) being able to be explored. It got me thinking on just how big is this ship, both mechanically and in description.

So far, I'm thinking it's got to be a Carrier frame or Dreadnaught frame, judging by the descriptions we've seen in scenarios, although an Ultranaught wouldn't be outside of the realm of possibility. As for scale, assuming that an Explorer frame is roughly the size of the Serenity class from Firefly, then I'm guesstimating that Master of Stars is on par with the Enterprise D Dreadnaught (Star Trek Next Gen, All Good Things) in terms of scale. Anyone else have an idea of scale?

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That's no moon!

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Expect to hear more on this topic Soon™

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Bill Baldwin wrote:
That's no moon!

"KIRKATH!! Get away from that window and stop doing that. I just cleaned those... "

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When I was playing Dead Suns 1 and got into a ship fight around Absalom Station, I tried to radio the Master of Stars to give us some fire support. Sadly, the GM wasn't familiar enough with it, so passed on the idea.

I love the mental image that the master of stars is so big that it's artificial gravity system effects smaller ships as if it were a moon.

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this big

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
this big

Just like Julio designed.

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