TWF Sawtooth Gloomblade Feat Progression


I need a hand if someone's got a moment. Working on a Gloomblade fighter focused on Two-Weapon Fighting with Sawtooth Sabres (since thry count as light during TWF if you're proficient).

Character is a Suli with Mostly Human so Suli/Geniekin/Human feats are available. Elemental Assault is the main ticked damage booster applying 1d6 of wharever energy to both weapons.

Level 1, stats are:
Str 16
Dex 17
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 10

Level 1 feats as a fighter are Incremental Elemental Assault so Elemental Assault can be used in 1 round increments rather than just 1/day for level × rounds, and Exotic Proficiency with the Sawtooth Sabre so we can nab early Weapon Focus and other feats with it as needed.

So there's 1 feat/level as a fighter. The Gloomblade can't manifest 2 weapons until 7th, so there's not a lot of reason to have TWF before then (could be worth using the fighter retraining to slip it in though). To full build, it'll need:

Two-Weapon Fighting, Double Slice, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting. The basics. Since GTWF is gated to level 11, there's no rush, and Dex will be 19 for prereq by 8th using ability boosts.

Outside of that, I dunno what the character needs. I could fill them with assorted basics like Weapon Focus and such, but I'm not 100% sure the niche feats to push this build into the realm of my other TWF builds like the rock-tossing Hinyasi and the Nightmare Fist Boar Style Vigilante.

Incremental Elemental Assault doesn't seem terribly useful at first level, for the record. ^_^

Isabelle Lee wrote:
Incremental Elemental Assault doesn't seem terribly useful at first level, for the record. ^_^

I know. Until 2nd level is doesn't really do anything, but since it's not a combat feat it can't be taken with a fighter bonus feat. I'd rather have no major feat level 1 in exchange for effectively 2 uses at level 2, when moments to use it will be plentiful. Moreso if the character purchased a manufactured weapon just for the sake of TWF pre-7 and took it as the level 2 fighter bonys combat feat.

Is retraining not an option?

Melkiador wrote:
Is retraining not an option?

Bonus Feats, yes. Standard Feats... Mmm... I can never seem to get the downtime necessary in most adventures.

So far, I'm looking at this:

1: Incremental Elemental Assault + Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Sawtooth Sabre)
2: Two-Weapon Fighting (going to carry one mundane Sawtooth Sabre until level 7 for TWF reasons. Of course could be swapped for any decent martial weapon the party finds)
3: Double Slice
4: Gloomstorm
5: Weapon Focus (Sawtooth Sabre)
6: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
7: Combat Rhythm
8: Power Attack
9: Thousand Cuts
10: Weapon Specialization (Sawtooth Sabre)
11: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12: Finishing Cascade
13: Greater Weapon Focus (Sawtooth Sabre)
14: Penetrating Strike
15: Greater Weapon Specialization (Sawtooth Sabre)
16: Greater Penetrating Strike
17: Combat Reflexes
18: Weapon Trick
19: Vital Strike
20: Improved Vital Strike

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