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Hello! so I have been toying around with a build idea for a while and I want to verify I am not breaking any rules in this build. Their are a few rules that interpret favorably, but I believe are interpreted correctly. So I am here to figure out if my build is actually legitimate.This entire build revolves around the half-orc feat Blood Vengeance and my attempts to optimize it. The build goes as follows


WIS: 9
INT: 7
CHA:14 (+2 racial to 16)

1 lvl-Bloodrager
Bloodline-Arcane (Arcane Bond)

6 lvls- Blood God Disciple/Broodmaster

Amplified Rage (+4 STR/CON when raging with other half-orc)
Extra Rage

His cohort is his lvl1-Fighter/lvl2-Barbarian half-orc son who is built as follows.


STR:16 (+2 racial to 18)

Amplified Rage
Ferocious Tenacity
Blood Vengeance.

So here is the plan (and in turn the issues). The Father(summoner) summons a giant spider with Summon Monster 2, which has 3 hit dice. The son then goes into a rage (STR/CON-22) and holds his standard action. The Father then commands his brood to slay the giant spider which activates Blood Vengeance(STR/CON-24). The son then takes his standard action and attacks. This repeats as necessary, usually only one more time (STR/CON-26). Then the father goes into his blood-rage activating Amplified Rage (STR/CON-30). I can do blood-feast shenanigans after that but that is the general gist of my plan.

Major issues/questions:

-Because the spider has the same hit dice as my cohort it should activate blood vengeance in theory.
-Another clause of blood vengeance is it must be an ally that falls. A summoned creature is an ally, but looses that title to the Summoner and his brood when they attack it, but it shouldn't loose that effect for the cohort.
-Blood-rage acts as normal rage. So does it trigger amplified rage?
-Blood Vengeance should stack as it modifies the actual bonus of rage and is therefore not subjected to the rules of bonus stacking.

This is just a build I've been fiddling around with. I know their is easy ways to beat it but I just want to know if my summoned blood sacrifice method functions.

Grand Lodge

Link to Blood Vengeance Feat:

Last line of said feat:
You may only use this feat if the fallen ally had at least as many Hit Dice as you (excluding conjured or summoned allies).

It seems blood vengeance does not trigger with conjured or summoned allies, as it specifically calls out they do not apply.

I'm not sure that if you attack something it would still be counted as an ally.

If I were DMing, I would rule against this.

Admittedly the parenthesis section could be read as conjured or summoned allies don't need as many hit dice as you to trigger, but I doubt that was the intent.

Another problem is Amplified Rage (teamwork) does not stack with itself. So you'll get the same bonus +4 no matter how many raging characters are around.

Also just because the cohort has managed to get a benefit from Blood Vengeance there is no reason your character would benefit from his Blood Vengeance. The +4 from Amplified Rage is all you'll get. This assumes some ally other than a summoned or conjured creature went into negatives. Also when additional allies go down, you gain 4 additional rounds of the weak rage, not another +2.

For the two posts above:

The parenthesis seem to be stating summoned creatures as an example that should never activate blood vengeance because you should never reach the requirements with them. Using my cohort as my main character did let me reach the requirements though, so i'm not entirely sure how to translate parenthesis.

Also, the cohort never attacked the summoned ally, so he should still be an ally right?

To the second post,
the listed strength boosts are to my cohort, not my summoner, I apologize for the conclusion. I know Amplified Rage doesn't stack and I haven't calculated it as such.

Also the way blood Vengeance is written, you modify your rage bonus, the lesser rage is if you do not have a rage ability.

/sigh. Ok, last shot at bringing a little sanity to the man that doesn't want to hear this.

The whole part about summons/conjurations not counting doesn't have any qualifiers. It doesn't matter if they are as powerful or more powerful than you, they don't count. Explicitly do not count. And if they were weaker than you (HD wise) of course they wouldn't count. Other PLAYERS don't count if they are weaker than you!!!!

Do you think your cohort is going to side with the summoned creature you are trying to kill with your brood? As in do you think your cohort is going to turn on you? Since you have full control of that NPC if you answered yes I'd slap you around. Or actually have the NPC wait till you are asleep and then turn on you. Seriously, we're talking about a cohort here, he'll always side with you.

As for Blood Vengeance, follow the stacking rules. Blood Vengeance makes provisions for more instances of the feat to stack duration, but nothing about stacking the bonus. Without any such language you'll only get the +2 bonus once.

And really, if you want to keep fighting this...talk to your GM.

Not only all of this... Summoned creatures are returned to where they came from when they die. You can't eat it.

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