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So. This came up when i was making a biohacker (playtest).
I started to wonder if it could make more unique ammo?

I originally wanted to know if you could make Darts with Serums of Healing or Analystigcs or other drugs or poisons in it.

this lead to other questions. How about special materials?

Could a injection weapon make silver darts? or any of the other special materials?
How about drugs inside it?
Serums of Healing I realized were magical. So thats out already. but the rest i'm curious about... In theory the special material ammo should be valid. but I'm not sure about things like, drugs and poisons. It would be nice though. i doubt that is valid. -
because it would be very useful, and because that means Conserving would also work for filled darts

Can the Fusion make special material ammo? (I think yes)
Can the fusion make darts with fillings (poisons, drugs, etc) (I think no, but I want yes)

SFS Legal Manufacturing
Source Pact Worlds pg. 195
Item Level 4
Followers of the Prophecies of Kalistrade use manufacturing weapon fusions to ensure they are never without ammunition (or gouged by isolated traders for ammunition), even on long trade missions. This fusion often makes the weapon pearly white with gold accents. You can add up to 400 credits of UPBs to a manufacturing weapon as a swift action. When you do, the fusion’s magic instantly manufactures ammunition inside the weapon worth an equal amount (which might mean recharging a battery) up to the maximum the weapon can carry. This ammunition is nonmagical and can be removed normally.


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I would say yes, it can make special material ammo within the 400 credit restriction of course.

It could make darts, but not with things inside, as dart fillings are not ammunition.

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It can probably make ammunition with special materials, as limited by the amount of credits you put into it with a hard cap of 400.

Darts are ammunition, but things you might put inside them definitely are not.You can't just generate the poison or drugs, sorry.

I don't see why you couldn't manufacture the contents of a dart, as long as it was under the 400cr cost limit. You're not getting a discount or anything, just "buying" the ammo on the fly. Besides, with that cost, all you could use is tier 1 medicinals, Hyperleaf drug, or Id moss poison. Hardly game-breaking.

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There are a lot of things not allowed by the rules that wouldn't be gamebreaking. But the fact that there are rules means you can't do them, unless you create a house rule.

Manufacturing creates ammunition. None of the contents of a dart are listed as ammunition, so manufacturing can't create it.

And what you are getting if you allow it is a big time savings and tactical flexibility. It's no surprise or big burden to know you have to carry ammo for your weapon, but investing in a situationally useful poison/pharmaceutical you'll probably never want to use and won't have 2-4 hours to craft if you suddenly do is a bigger ask.

I could see there being a higher level manufacturing fusion that could do dart contents. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it too much because we already have what is effectively on-site crafting in the form of the Utility Belt.

Utility belt is cool.

I would like an actual item like that folks could get..

or at least mechanist version for some objects and a biohacker version for pharmaceuticals or serums


I agree, it would be neat if Biohackers got a medicinal or something equivalent of the mechanic's Tech Tinkerer.

I see nothing wrong with letting a manufacture fusion make serums, especially in the hands of a biohacker.

You're still paying for it (in BNPs), and the biohacker can create them withing using mystics (does that make them still magic)?

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