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So my party just took out Erylium in the Catacombs of Wrath. I made it a point that Orm her familiar fly in and be distraught over her death and defend her body. One in hopes to make the Paladin of Shelyn try and help it and maybe "redeem" it and just to show that even bad people are loved to try and get a reaction from the party. The paladin tried to console it but has no ranks in handel animal so had no success.
Anywho in this thread JJ explains that Familiars keep their powers except those dependant on the master when they die. So I wanted to now that the party has left, have Orm fly out and seek out help likely from Nulia but I also want to have Orm train to be an enemy to the party. Since keeping its abilities from being a familiar would make it decently smart(int 7) and looking at the avian entry on the awaken spell(as being a familiar is kind of like being awoken just bonded to a caster to gain the effect) and see that birds usually become rogues. Makes perfect sense as Erylium already used Orm as a Spy but I also feel Orm would be into some kind of magic because of its link to Erylium.

So what does anyone here think the class/classes Orm should be and what level she should/would start at. What stats should he have? The closest Bird to a Wern in the familiar listing is a Thrush so those stats seem most likely just raising the int.

Edit: Thinking Spiritualist would make a good pick(with its phantom being the spirit of Erylium) but maybe multiclass rogue(Spy)

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