Infinite Top Performers—Feb ‘24

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Welcome back to another exciting collection of Pathfinder Infinite & Starfinder Infinite Top Performers!

What is Infinite?

Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite is a program that allows you to create content (adventures and locations; monsters; character classes, archetypes, and backgrounds; fiction; etc.) based on Paizo’s intellectual property (IP), including Pathfinder’s Lost Omens campaign setting, and to make some money while you’re at it. Your work might even be recognized by the community and earn you an invitation into the Infinite Masters elite creator program.

For more info on Pathfinder Infinite, Starfinder Infinite, and how to get started, check out the FAQs!

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February’s Top Performers

Titles are ranked by an average of units sold and revenue earned and presented in alphabetical order. Asterisks indicate titles that have been on a best-seller list previously. Because they’ve consistently topped the list, and due to the number of their titles that typically take up spots, “Team+” and “Team Index” have asked to be removed from the calculations for ongoing top performers lists. This will allow newer publishers or book series to get more attention. Thanks, all!

A spread of the covers of the Pathfinder Infinite Top Performers.

Pathfinder Infinite Top Performers

The ABCDs of Edicts and Anathema*

Dive deeper into the new system of Edicts and Anathema from the Pathfinder Second Edition remaster. Over 700 edicts and anathemas for the ABCD of character creation: Ancestry, Background, Class, Deity.

Faith’s Reward—Nethys

The All-Seeing Eye is often derisively referred to as the "god of wizards." While that's not entirely wrong, it isn't exactly right, either. Faith's Reward—Nethys examines the influence of Nethys as the god of magic, including new spells, new feats, new items, new archetypes, and a new spell research subsystem to allow you to build or modify spells!

Godsrain Contingencies

When Yivali held death in her talons, she feared delivering such terrible warning without also hope. Included in her annotations was research into what the world might become if each god’s death were to occur, and thus what contingencies could be made.

This product contains a handful of player options for each scenario. While there is a primary focus on the fall out for followers of each god, there are options for many types of players. The centerpiece is the return to service ritual and how each god’s death leads to which potential successor gods, what that new relationship looks like, and providing which potential benefits.

Kitsune of Golarion Remastered*

Providing an in-depth expansion of Pathfinder Second Edition's vulpine ancestry, Kitsune of Golarion Remastered provides players and GMs alike with everything they need to make this vibrant ancestry of shape shifting fox folk feel at home in the Age of Lost Omens. Based on Gold Best-Selling product Kitsune of Golarion, this product aims to not only remaster, but redefine the content from this original offering into an indispensable product for the entire table, tailless or not.

Player Core 1 Expanded*

Has inspiration struck, but Player Core 1 doesn't have a subclass to fit? Whether you are looking for a Cleric spy, a swaggering Rogue, or a Druid with a will of steel, you will find myriad options within, made by 4 Infinite Masters and specially tuned for the PF2e Remaster! Feats, subclasses, focus spells, and more for the classes of Player Core 1.

A spread of the covers of the Starfinder Infinite Top Performers.

Starfinder Infinite Top Performers

A Lurker’s Subclasses, Vol III*

A wide variety of subclasses, feats, and alternate class options—whether it comes from mastering the use of sound to bringing religion to the more physical classes. And let us not forget options of various levels of technology, from Steampunk, to tech which is science fiction even to Starfinder, to bringing forward old favorites from Pathfinder.

Enhanced Mechanic*

Experience the new Enhanced mechanic—revised for balanced and easier play. This expansion includes several new and revised mechanic tricks, drone chassis, and drone mods.

Starfinder Infinite Adventure Card Game—Core Set

This is a brand-new adventure card game core set based on the award-winning first Starfinder adventure path, Dead Suns. This game uses the basic ruleset of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set, but expands upon it in several ways, with new card types, mechanics, and characters. This download includes all of the rules necessary to play the Starfinder Adventure Card Game, a set of eight characters designed to be used with the game, and three full adventures based on the first three books of Dead Suns. 

Starfinder Mission 1: Only Trying to Help

When the lights go out somewhere in Absalom Station, station staff already stretched thin find themselves unable to cope with a forced entry into the maintenance passages. Will the player characters be able to find out what went wrong and start to set things right?

A Tail of Betrayal

In this standalone adventure, the players find themselves as prisoners trying to clear their name. They start their adventure competing in the fighting pits of Akiton in order to survive. Given a mission, will the heroes be able to purge their record of any wrong deeds and escape? What is the mission? How will they complete the task? Can they be sure others will keep up their end of the bargain? Can they track down the real criminals responsible and bring them to justice? bargain? Can they track down the real criminals responsible and bring them to justice?

New & Exciting from Infinite Masters!

Want to see what’s been cooking in the Infinite Masters’ alchemy lab? Here’s a selection of new products from some of our Infinite Masters—and some pieces that have caught their eyes!

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