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Hi all, just wondering I've got a Bard all ready to go. He uses Performance to Intimidate. Does it matter which one of these I pick? Or which one would you recommend? Is there a section of the rulebook where they go in depth on each of these categories?

Specialty Examples
Acting Drama, pantomime, puppetry
Comedy Buffoonery, joke-telling, limericks
Dance Ballet, huara, jig, macru
Keyboards Harpsichord, organ, piano
Oratory Epic, ode, poetry, storytelling
Percussion Chimes, drum, gong, xylophone
Singing Ballad, chant, melody, rhyming
Strings Fiddle, harp, lute, viol
Winds Bagpipe, flute, recorder, trumpet

This seems to be from Pathfinder 1, not the playtest? If that's the case I can't help right now.

If it's about pathfinder playtest then: You don't have to select which type of performance you are trained in anymore.

The GM might rule that if you use an auditory performance the enemy would have to understand you, but there is nothing stopping you from switching between visual and auditory performance to demoralize.

As above. The only exception is that you have to choose a category if you take that feat that gives a bonus to one kind, in which case it doesn't matter terribly, except if you don't plan to use a weapon (I mean, why would you? You have Telekinetic Projectile) I recommend an instrument because the best Perform-boosting items technically only augment Instrument Performances.

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The Versatile Performance options are:

Comedy (Bluff, Intimidate)
Keyboard Instruments (Diplomacy, Intimidate)
Percussion (Handle Animal, Intimidate)

It's best to plan out all Your Versatile Performance picks in advance. For example, for my Dawnflower Dervish, I picked them to correspond to a Sarenrite religious service theme:

1. Sing (Bluff, Sense Motive)
2. Dance (Acrobatics,Fly)
3. Percusion (Handle Animal, Intimidate)

Lol this was meant to be a PF2 question, Performance to Demoralize should have been the title. As a Bard can use his Performance to Demoralize.

For PF2 you want one with a magic item associated with it. There's the dancing scarf for dancing with a +2/+4, Expert, Maestro's, Master and Virtuoso instrument for instruments topping out at +3, Persona Mask for acting, oratory, singing, and comedy for a +2/+4, and virtuoso's instrument for a +5. Since rerolling is generous in PF2, you can change which version of the feat you take based on which item is available to you and end up with the best possible bonus. So expert instrument from 2-4, persona mask from 5th-9th, maestro's instrument from 10-13, dancing scarf from 14-17 and virtuoso instrument from 18-20. If you don't like jumping around, then using the instruments is your best bet upgrading at 2,7,10,18.

Silver tongue elixir's also work, they free you up from needing an instrument to get the item bonus, but they are rare recipes and would be expensive to keep using. You gain access to the bonus 1 level earlier than if you wait for a permanent item, but I can't imagine a game where this is worthwhile.

To sum up. Silver tongue elixir with any perform if you're beyond wealthy. Instruments if you don't like changing your character every few levels, mask or scarf with dance, oratory, sing and comedy if you want your hands free.

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