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We had our first time playing with space combat and I have to say that I have never seen my group play so well together as a team as they did then. The captain gave orders, in either an encouraging or demander manner. She made up new lines each time and we all loved it! The creative techno-babble made it even better. Normally my players play well together, but this took it to a whole new level. Thank you Paizo for making such a wonderful product!

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Another thing: Does anyone have and guides on tactics for space combat? We have only played one game until now, and I need some better tactics against my players! My own tactics for small and fast fighters with only 1 crew would be:

-When moving, always try to end your movement with one of your still charged sheild quadrants facing your opponent.

-When attacking, always try to hit the the side with the most least amount of sheilds or no sheilds at all.

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Nimor Starseeker wrote:
-When attacking, always try to hit the the side with the most least amount of sheilds or no sheilds at all.

Ah, but how would a one man shuttle know which side has the least shields, without a science officer? He'd need a bigger ship around to be always scanning the enemy and relaying information.

Once players really get into starship customization, they learn that flooding the turret area with heavy weapons will allow them to just obliterate any enemy ship in a few rounds.

If you want to stay competitive, I suggest adding at least one extra turret gun to the NPC ship, and if necessary, some extra gunners (just move them form less useful positions, like SO or captain). If the ship is tier 6 or above, you might also consider distributing some resolve points around, so they can activate the higher level actions.

Don't let an enemy ship go to battle without a point weapon.

Starfinder #7: The Reach of Empire introduced some crazy starship options, though all belonging to the Azlanti Star Empire. Some of them could've ended in the hands of space pirates...

Outside of mechanics, role-playing the combat as a Star Trek scene seems to work pretty well. Just remember to have the NPC captain get into coms every now and then for some snark or threat.

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Thank you for the input Ragi. I will definitely be prepared to modify enemy space ships for space combat. Maybe throw in an additional enemy starship, like a fighter escort or something not to powerful and at the same time keeping the players on edge!

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