Possible Error in Small Cat Animal Companion entry

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I noticed that the PRD has the damage for Small Cat Animal Companion Claws damage listed as 1d2.

The Universal Monster Rules regarding Natural Attacks state that Small sized creatures' claw attacks deal 1d3 damage and Tiny creatures deal 1d2 claw damage. This is reinforced in the entry for the Common Cat, which is Tiny and deals 1d2.

The apparent error is: Small Cat companions are listed as dealing 1d2 claw damage.
What seems to be correct: Small Cat companions deal 1d3 claw damage.

I wasn't able to find a clarification anywhere, but I was wondering if we can get a FAQ on this. Other animal companions do appear to follow the UMR entries closely at least when it comes to size and damage dice.


Why an FAQ? Specific entries trump the Universal Monster Rules which are more of a guideline for designing new monsters or modifying existing monsters.

There doesn't seem to be a problem with the PRD's listing as I can confirm it with the D20 site. While it isn't what the UMR size table would suggest, its not very far off of what you would expect.

Meirril wrote:
Why an FAQ?

Pretty much because it's not in line with expectations. Other animal companion attacks scale to the UMR table, making a Small creature's damage dice for *one* of its attacks adhere to the Tiny base is unusual, and worth clarifying it is intended (not just a typo, misprint or failed transcription.)

The D20 site isn't rules arbitration, they pull from what is printed. So if their source is a misprint, they reprint it as-written without regard for intent or accuracy, and will only include notes when there are FAQs to suggest otherwise.

Questions like this are how we get clarifications on RAI or misprints; that's why a FAQ.

The small cat isn't the only animal companion whose natural attack die doesn't match the UMR table entry for its size. Unless you know of a reason why this one is worth investigating while the others are not, I don't see the point in FAQing it--it's by design.

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