Darth Vader as a Vanguard


Here is a wierd request. Stat up Darth Vader as a vanguard. And try to make it good. After all, he's might be better as a solarian, yeah. But as a vanguard, that might be good for one of the screen's scariest villians. Try to sell me the Vanguard class by making him a vanguard.

What level are you thinking of? I would think somewhere around level 10 to 12 to get the more powerful abilities.

My thoughts would be to use the Minor Psychic Ability and Psychic Ability feats to get the more spell-like abilities of the character. Some cybernetic augmentations for flavor. Plasma sword for primary weapon. Decent starship piloting ability.

The thing is, so far this is most of the flavor of the character and is class agnostic. You could put this on a wide variety of class chassis. Envoy would work well. Mystic would work really well. Solarian would offer a bunch of other spell-like abilities.

But anyway, you want to see him as a Vanguard. Hmm... Let's see here...

OK. Try this on. I'm not going to list every detail, but I will list the major choices.

Race: Human
Theme: Death-Touched
Class: Vanguard (12)

STR 20: 10 +2(race) +2(1st) +2(5th) +2(10th) +2(personal upgrade)
DEX 14: 10 +2(1st) +2(10th)
CON 22: 10 +1(theme) +2(class) +3(1st) +2(5th) +4(personal upgrade)
INT 14: 10 +2(5th) +2(10th)
WIS 12: 10 +2(10th)
CHA 15: 10 +3(1st) +2(5th)

HP: 100
SP: 168
RP: 12

Initiative: +2
Base Speed: 20 (-10 from armor)

Entropic Strike: Attack: +17; 4d6 + 6(CON) +5(STR) +12(weapon specialization); Properties: reach(5), force, breach; critical: staggered
Plasma Sword: Attack: +17; 4d8 + 5(STR) + 12(weapon specialization); Properties: powered(40,1) Critical: Severe Wound

EAC: 29
KAC: 31
MAC: 39
Damage Reduction 4/-
Adaptive Energy Shield (energy resist 5 of some recent energy type)
Deflect Projectiles (edit: should highlight this one here too)

Fort: 14
Ref: 10
Will: 7

+1 saves against a lot of things
cold resist equal to level

Minor Psychic Power (Psychokinetic Hand) - human bonus
Skill Synergy (piloting, sense motive) - 1st
Minor Psychic Power (Telekinetic Projectile) - 3rd
Antagonize - 5th
Iron Will - 7th
Deflect Projectiles - 9th
Psychic Power (Detect Thoughts) - 11th

Entropic Pool: max 6 points
Entropic Strike
Primary Aspect: Exergy
Aspect Insight (Improved Bull Rush)
Reactive: 2 extra reactions per day
Aspect Embodiment: 1/combat charge action grants 1 Entropic Pool point
Entropic Attunement (force)
Uncanny Agility: immune to flat-footed, flanking, penalties from prone, covering fire, harrying fire
Secondary Aspect (Adiabatic)
Secondary Aspect Insight: (Improved Grapple)
Flashing Strikes: -3 for full attack
Aspect Catalyst: foes in 30 ft, fort save or take extra 6d6 damage from next successful attack in the next minute. Improved: 12d6 damage instead.

Vanguard Disciplines:
Zero Gravity Scuffler
Blindsense (heat)
Powerful Attunement (breach)
Drain Heat: When grappled or grappling; spend some number of Entropy Points. Deal (twice that number of d6) + 12 cold damage.
Blindsight (heat)

Athletics: 20
Diplomacy: 17
Intimidate: 19
Mysticism: 16
Perception: 17
Piloting: 17
Sense Motive: 16
And a few others

Voice Amplifier
respiration compounder
Dermal Plating 4
Telekinetic Gloves: Gives 1/day Psychokinetic Strangulation

Aegis Series Squad armor
Haste Circuit
Adaptive Energy Shield

Plasma Sword (red star)

Looks great.

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Interesting, though I really think Mystic is the class written with Darth Vader in mind. I mean, they turned his signature move into a 3rd level spell!

Yeah. My first two choices for class would be Mystic or Solarion.

Envoy might work well too depending on if there are enough of the Improvisations that are thematic enough or if they are swapped out for an archetype like Divine Champion or Phrenic Adept (which would actually be really good since it would give psychokinetic strangulation at 9th level).

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