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Does an oracle with the life mystery, channel revelation count as having the channel energy class feature like the cleric for the purposes of feats and magic items that require the channel energy class feature instead of simply say channel energy 3d6?

Unless it specifically calls out that it counts as such a qualifier, the RAW is probably no. (If the Oracle were a hybrid class, there would be a stronger argument for yes.) However, I would ask your GM since it's probably serving the same role and I'm sure many GMs would allow it.

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I would say "Channel Energy > Revelation > Class Feature" so yes. When many of those feat descriptions were written, the oracle class did not exist. I suspect that the designers intended the oracle to be able to use those feats.


There's an FAQ about this that specifically calls out Channel energy. The examlle it gives is that Paladins get "Channel Positive Energy", but not "Channel Energy". The FAQ says that these are different names for the same thing, and so the Paladi qualifies for feats with "Channel Energy" as a prerequisite.

The Oracle's Channel revelation would definitely count as well.

(I'm on my phone so I can't link it now, but you can definitely take improved/selective channel and similar feats, and you benefit from items like the Phylactery of Positive Channeling)

Ok, thanks for reminding about the phylactery of positive channeling. I had forgotten about it.

Revelations are class features. So having the revelation channel energy is the same as having the class feature channel energy.

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