What's the Momentum Aspect's intent?


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I find this aspect to be a bit odd because it's abilities don't play well together, specifically it's aspect embodiment and catalyst.

The Embodiment encourages double move or run actions to get into the fray quickly. Great, for a melee focused class this makes sense.

Then the catalyst blasts your opponents back out of melee range. Why would I ever want this? I want to stay close at that point, and be able to make full attacks, or at least have the option to, not to keep chasing my targets.

I get these both have a flavor of motion, but it may not add up to the best effect.

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You choose who it effects, and it works 60’ away. Just because you want at least one guy to beat on at melee range doesn’t mean you want all of them there beating on you at once. You can also use this to knock people off your allies or out of cover. And if you’re doing it because you took a crit or hit your zero stamina/HP threshold, you might feel it’s time to disengage for a bit.

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