Wannabe Villains!


Right now i'm working on a campaign idea were each player would choose a, well... WANNABE VILLAIN! the characters would be bad guts that are bad at being bad! i was inspired by the app "Almost A Hero". I have a few ideas EX. Missy, a self proclaimed queen of darkness who believes the pinnacle of evil is littering, a goblin by the name Chiptooth, Czylxor the forgetful lich, and a couple more.

it hit me, to get fun ideas for characters both heroes and villains, i might look here! if you got any funny, dumb, stupid ideas, send them my way! it would be much obliged.

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A young man dreams of putting this rotten kingdom under his heel. He will rule it from the shadows. He will slowly amass followers and capital by using the law as a shield for his nefarious deeds. He will gain the good will of the citizens so he can use their causes to force those in power to do his bidding. He will become the most trusted man in the Kingdom and stand behind the King as the puppetmaster of this Kingdom.

He is Lawful Good. He acts Lawful, and Good even though he thinks he is being evil. He also can't tolerate criminal or evil actions. He will be the one saying how cruel and despicable Missy's actions are. He will eventually lead his own shadow troops (kids) to combat Missy's influence (clean the neighborhood).

Also nothing pleases him more than exposing actually corrupt people and having the law dispose of them. He will gloat all day long and be down right nasty and scary. Who says Lawful Good is nice?

How about these Wannabe Villains: The Amoeba Boys from The Powerpuff Girls.


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