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Ok, so the cleric feat healing hands shows that you add a free action, i think verbal, to a casting of heal. The way my dm interprets that is that it adds 1 action to the casting. So if you cast the 1 action version of heal then you use 2 actions if you use healing hands. I dont interpret it that way but i go with the dm because he has the final say. However if i were to use the healing font power from my domain, which increases the healing by 2 per die, it shows a free action and the action that is being added. My dm said that there is no additional action added to casting. So if i cast heal as 1 action it is still only 1 action to cast even if i use healing font. Can anyone comment on what the proper uses are?

The free action is only there because it's the only way to add a trigger to an ability without making it a reaction. So if you meet the trigger's requirements, you can use the free action to trigger Healing Hands which then allows you to add a Verbal Casting action to increase the amount of healing.

Healing Font doesn't increase healing. I assume you mean Healer's Blessing. It's also listed as free action so it can have a trigger. But unlike Healing hands, it doesn't say that you must add any additional actions to use its effect.

Bottom line: Your DM is correct.

Also note that you can't use the same trigger to use a free action more than once, so if two free action abilities have the same trigger, they can't be used at the same time. Fortunately, Healing Hands and Healer's Blessing do not have the same trigger. Hands is triggered when you start casting and Blessing is triggered when you finish the cast and actually heal someone.

I was going from memmory on the names. My point is that healing hands says add a verbal componant with the free action symbol. Blessing doesnt say to add anything but next to the free action symbol it says sommatic i think? So why would they not say add whatever action for blessing and it not cost any extra actions whereas hands say add verbal with the same action symbol?

It's all about the trigger. Only free actions and reactions have a trigger. If it would have the normal action symbol, it couldn't have a trigger, making it harder to tell when the ability is usable.

To reiterate: The TRIGGER is the free action. This free action THEN allows you to add another action to gain the ability's benefit.

Note that I'm not saying this system is good or bad, I'm just saying this is how it currently works.

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