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I'm just moving this thread from the d&d 3.5 forum which appears to be almost completely dead.

I've been working on a slightly alternate version of the forgotten realms where the gods cannot take any direct action in the realms, which of course means that the time of troubles cannot have happened as written, along with many other RSEs.
At the same time in trying to collate and expand upon all the lore I can find and make alternate versions of RSEs that are more playable and interactive and at the same time make sure they still fit into all the events and locations of the Forgotten Realms.

So below is the link to the site. It's very much work in progress and will probably be that way forever. Unther is done for 1356 DR, mulhorand is halfway done up to 1356 DR, and there is some base work for Raurin and Chessenta done.

Finished going through the major sources on Mulhorand, the main page and the organisations are in a fairly detailed position.


I've redefined Mulhorand as operating almost like a nation state rather than a feudal nation. It has large organizations - churches (formed from noble houses) that perform much of the central government administration. Regional government is provided by the Precepts who receive assistance from the churches to implement government policy.
Mulhorand has a large and well equipped standing army (rather than feudal armies which are mostly provided from noble retinues and conscripted peasants).
I've added lots of detail to the geography and history to try and flesh it out more.

Church of Anhur

The Church of Anhur is synonymous with Mulhorand's army, the two groups share a similar hierarchy and membership (although one can be a soldier in the Legion of Dawn and not be a priest of the Church of Anhur (although that does limit one's promotion prospects unless one has friends in the Church of Horus-Re).
The Church of Anhur has had it's privileges reduced dramatically since the rebellion of Thay, although it has a major plot to create a new model army and perform a lightning strike against Thay to regain power and prestige.

Church of Bast

The Church of Bast is a much diminished church after its patron was exiled, it is now a prestigious military academy that trains the greatest warriors in Mulhorand while using its profits to find and eliminate cultists of Set.

Church of Geb

The Church of Geb oversees the supply of Mulhorand's minerals. It owns the majority of mines in Mulhorand and determines/enforces the quota of minerals to ensure Mulhorand is self sufficient. It has a sizable portion of gold dwarf blood in its family and membership.

Church of Horus Re

The Church of Horus-Re forms the main central administration of Mulhorand's government (like the home office). The Pharaoh is the head of the church and the Vizier is the highest ranking priest, making the Church of Horus-Re the most powerful single organization in all Mulhorand.
The church itself is split between three powerful noble families (of Ra, Horus, and the merged house of Horus-Re). Vizier Rezim is intending to use this factionalisation to advance his power and position through various plots.
Currently Rezim intends to sell slaves directly to nobility to generate vast sums of revenue that he can use to bribe the Church of Nephthys into supporting other plots to restrict the power of the Church of Anhur.

Church of Isis

The Church of Isis deals with Mulhorand's farming needs in a similar way to the Church of Geb and mineral requirements. It sets and enforces the quota on all foodstuffs being produced to keep Mulhorand self sufficient.
The major plot within this church is a radical group that wishes to improve equality for women with Mulhorand's patriarchal society. The basis of this plot is to arrange a marriage between the heir apparent and Korethys Thulhani (a future member of the priesthood and potential future incarnation of Isis).

Church of Nephthys

The Church of Nephthys is like the foreign office of Mulhorand. They deal with setting and collecting all the tariffs on foreign trade, they also act as ambassadors (and spies) to foreign nations.
The Church of Nephthys is very mercenary and will do most things for money. Position within the church is dependent upon the amount donated to the church in the previous year.
Currently the Church of Nephthys (or a large faction within it) are selling their support to Rezim for a number of his plots to reduce the power of Anhur's church while simultaneously loaning the Church of Anhur money to allow it to further its own plots.
Secretly the Church of Nephthys hopes to persuade the Church of Anhur to invade Unther to expand Mulhorand's economy and allow it to beat Thay in a trade war.

Church of Osiris

The Church of Osiris deals with the law of mulhorand. It is the only church with the power to challenge the Vizier and the Pharaoh, having challenged past Viziers on a number of occasions and even impeached the Pharaoh and had him quietly removed from office.

The Church of Osiris also deals with deaths in Mulhorand, especially overseeing the Land of the Dead near Mishtan.

Church of Thoth

The Church of Thoth is responsible for magic in Mulhorand. It has direct control of all spellcasters not already part of another church. It also controls Thothian script in which all southern magic is written (a language supposedly devised by Thoth himself).
The big plot within the Church of Thoth is to find a way to beat Thay using the huge magical arsenal at Mulhorand's disposal, searching ancient texts for hidden weapons of enormous power. Derlaunt has discovered the huge stone colossi around Mulhorand were once used as a weapon by the Mulhorandi during the Orcgate Wars. Unfortunately his own research and attempt to use them has gone awry (just as it did two thousand years ago).

Cult of Set

A long standing enemy of Mulhorand is the cult of Set. Its numerous isolated cult cells have recently been unified under the rule of Divine Incarnation Seti. Seti owns a caravan company that makes a fortune sending caravans of papyrus through Raurin to Durpar and returns with spices. The caravan also carries information, instructions and agents to cult cells along its journey.
The Cult intends to assassinate the Pharaoh and replace him with an impersonator

Cult of the Smiling Death

The Cult of Sebek has long been absent from Mulhorand, its membership driven out by the Legion of Dawn long ago. Its entire membership is afflicted by a curse acquired through parentage or through an infected bite. The curse is sarrukh in origin, designed to create a servitor race by mutating the afflicted into a part reptilian creature (whose body can be altered by sarrukh bodyshaping powers).
The Cult of Sebek is spread across the Border Kingdoms, Chessenta, and is returning to Mulhorand.

Guild of Scribes

The biggest of Mulhorand's state sponsored guilds. The guild of scribes manages all the scribing work of Mulhorand's government. It also contains a large proportion of government ministers as members because the guild is also where most of the political plots and manoeuvring take place.

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