Help Me Find Freak Monsters (Mortzengersturm)


I'm in the process of adapting the wacky 5e adventure Mortzengersturm: The Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak to PF1 and am looking for some help converting the many hybrid-freak monsters the titular manticore wizard has created.

My suspicion is I can get away with using sort-of kind-of similar stat blocks that already exist in the six Bestiaries. I don't want to have to create all new stat blocks for any of these--I just want to reskin what already exists.

I'm betting there are a lot of folks on this board who are more familiar with existing monsters than me.

The party will be 6th lvl, but don't worry about monster power, as I can easily scale up or down anything as needed. I'm more concerned just finding existing stats that I could reskin for these:

Ant-Lion: large magical beast, lion-size ant with lion’s head
Biter Bomber: construct (not undead), skeleton with extra-big ribcage full of skulls that it throws at opponents (skulls then bite)
Bumblebear: tiny magical beast, six mutton-drumstick size bees with heads, legs, & claws of bears
Chimerical Chimera: medium magical beast? (shapechanger) swirling cloud of protoplasm contantly changing shape & gains physical attacks of current form
Fey Ray: medium magical beast, floating fuzzy manta ray with fins like butterfly wings
Gruebird: large magical beast, large bird attacks with beak, talons and expels an ink cloud of total darkness
Ink Dog: medium magical beast, monster like living sketch of fox that can enter opponent’s space, its bite leaves tattoos
Iron Shrike: medium magical beast, eagle-size bird made of metal, attacks with beak and talons
Jam: large ooze, engulfs medium or smaller creatures, delicious-tasting
Mocka: large magical beast, naga with clown head, frightening gaze attack
Moonster: large magical beast, floating glowing moon-shape sphere with face on it that won’t shut up, no attacks besides nonstop insulting commentary
Parrotbear: large magical beast, basically owlbear that mimics phrases
Skelepedes: construct (not undead), 8 skeleton arms with scimitars attached to spinal column that crawl around really fast
Spider From Nowhere: magical beast or outsider, sort of a phase spider with poison bite and swift action shift back and forth to ethereal plane
Tigerpillar: large magical beast, tiger head with caterpillar body and six pairs of legs, attacks with bite & claws, can pounce
Whiplasher: construct (not undead), skeletons with elongated spines with extra vertebrae that sway like cobras and attack with whips made of spines

Thanks in advance for any help!

Skelepedes:Necrophidius with 40 speed and 8 attacks. No dance of death or paralysis because the manticore did not have access to the original ritual.

Ant-Lion: lion or giant ant stats.

Bumblebear: common house cat +fly speed and poison.

Fey Ray: cloaker.

Gruebird: griffon + ink cloud.

Iron Shrike: eagle + size bump +DR10/adamantine

Jam: ochre jelly.

Mocka: any naga + frightening gaze.

Parrotbear: owlbear.

Tigerpillar: tiger + extra pounces + reduced speed.

Oozes and swarms


Mind Flayers

Trappers, Cloakers, Lurkers Above



Intellect Devourers



Aboleths (Aberrations in general)

Yolande d'Bar wrote:
Fey Ray: medium magical beast, floating fuzzy manta ray with fins like butterfly wings

The Fey Ray needs to be ridden by a Fey named Ray, who then gets carried off by King Kong!

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