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If I was to take deity's domain and I chose saranrae and the 'healing' domain. The initial domain power is Healer's blessing. As a paladin can I even take this initial domain power since I don't have the heal spell OR can it somehow work with lay on hands?

If I took the level 4 paladin feat channel life, which gives me access to the heal spell, I suppose then I can use healers blessings. Though I'm not sure if I should split my spell points on 2 different healing spells.

I think lay on hands (Healing 1d6+3 hp) is going to become near useless in a few levels and taking channel life and getting heightened heal spells are going to work much better.

Any recommendations for my paladin and choosing a deity and initial domain power? (pg 73)

No Healer's Blessing doesn't work with Lay on Hands, but it would often be a waste to spend points on that instead of Lay on Hands regardless.

It does kinda depend on your build (and because of the Anathema also the RP aspect).
I think the best ones that paladin have access to is likely Earth, Fire or Zeal domain, but they all play pretty differently. But with the current powerlevel of magic using spell points just for Lay on Hands might be the best choice.

If I use healers blessing it will increase my 'heal' (from channel life level 4 paladin feat) by 2 points per die. It will cost me 1 spell point to use that. And it also costs me 1 spell point to use a heightened heal.

Sounds like it isn't worth it to increase my heal spell by a little bit. Better to save those spell points just for heal.

So far one of the best options I have for deity's domain level 1 paladin feat is 'bit of luck' via Desna deity.

Once I hit level 4 and take channel life -> access to heightened heal spell, I don't see why I would ever use lay on hands instead of heal spell? Both cost 1 spell point and 1 (heal) clearly seems to be better.

Yeah, Healer's Blessing on a Paladin is a bit too Spell Point heavy.

A note on your "Lay on Hands 1d6+3 will become useless in a few levels", you do know Lay on Hands scales with your level, right? It goes up a level (And thus 2d6 healing) every odd level you reach.

But yeah, Heal with Channel Life is almost strictly better, which makes sense given it costs a feat. Though Heal does not provide the AC boost that Lay on Hands does.

Also Lay on Hands is better at damaging single undead with a touch than Heal is, Lay on Hands scales 2d6 per spell level and adds an AC debuff while Heal only scales 1d8 per spell level on harming undead.

And if you happened to take Vengeful Oath then this lets you use Lay on Hands to damage ANY evil creature, meaning it comes up more often.

Really well thought out response Edge! thanks

The value in taking the feast is the extra spell point (which you then spend on LoH or Heal, depending on which you have access to; once you take Channel Life, LoH becomes irrelevant)

Be careful with 'bit of luck'. It's a conditional bonus so it doesn't stack with things like bless or Inspire courage.

Poor Desna went from one of the best dieties to one of the worst :(

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