Dragon Armor, who can wear what color??


So i want to have a character wearing Dragon armor......
My question is who wears what color? I want to have a good character wearing Brass or Bronze Dragon armor. Under what circumstances would a good character wear good dragon armor? I can see and have no problem with an evil char wearing an evil dragon color, their evil, they dont care. Their dragon pisses em off, just kill it, wear their skin and get a new dragon.......
But a good character....... would not do such a thing. But i have a problem with say, a LG Paladin wearing Red Dragon armor riding a gold dragon....
So how/why could my good character wear a good dragons skin?

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I expect a gold dragon would see dragonhide armor of any colour in poor taste, and a bronze dragon might take violent exception whatever the reason. That said a bronze dragon might be corrupted one way or another, slain by adventurers then have its hide converted into armor. Or there's this line: 'This magnificent dragon is covered in splendid gold scales' which applies to a sovereign dragon, which is true neutral by default rather than good.

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Well, if your character is already on friendly terms with a gold dragon, you might be able to purchase shed scales from it.

I'm sure there are ways to get a hold of dragon based products without having to kill the dragon in question.

Shed scales can be used to create shields, but the armor uses a lot more of the body than just a few scales.

All in all, I don't think it really is 'noble' to be parading around in the remains of another creature. Well, maybe 'civilized' is a better word? Mithril and Adamantine would be less barbaric choices for a paladin to consider. Also Adamantine would give you that bronze-ish look to your armor.

Though if you wanted to proclaim you are the team leader, Red is the traditional (Japanese) color.

I'm pretty sure wearing the skin if a sentient creature is called out as being an explicitly evil act (although i can't remember where). If I'm right then this means Paladins can't intentionally wear dragon-scales.

If you're in a home-game talk to the GM and see if you can work something out, I like the idea of befriending a good dragon and buying/being given it's scales.

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If your GM is willing to play along with your design intent, they could rule that dragons shed their skin whenever they go an age category or size rank, and they might bequeath this skin to a worthy champion to be made into armor (or just eat it, to re-absorb the nutrients that went into it...). Your character could end up wearing armor made from the skin of a dragon who is serving as their mount, or mentor, or NPC quest-giver/advisor or whatever.

Otherwise, I'd tend to agree with the notion that most good dragons, unless deeply psychotic, would frown on wearing armor made from *any* sapient creature, even evil dragons, and especially other good dragons, unless, again, the GM includes some sort of cultural exception and says that some dragons (perhaps only a particular color?) 'donates' their scales when they die to be made into armor for mortal champions of good to wear into battle, so they can keep 'fighting the good fight' even after their own deaths (something I could see for more hardcore silver dragons, for example''

Which, naturally, would invite the GM to introduce the notion of *haunted* armor. It might be ill-advised to do anything the spirit of the silver dragon 'donor' would find morally or ethically offensive while wearing armor made from their skin... :)

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Given the low price of dragon armor relative to the rarity of dragons sized to make it I can't see there NOT being some non lethal harvesting of the scales going on.

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I can imagine good dragons just gathering up scales they lost and having them sold so they can grow their hoard.

Im not planning on being a Paladin, was just using that as an example... i was just wondering ways to acquire good dragon armor as a good character. I was going to do mithral if i couldnt come up with a good idea/story...... One idea i had....

Two Dragons are waging war thru-out the countryside. The black dragon Kallifuran was mustering the lizardman tribes and laying waste to the region of (insert name here). The armies of the region were being pushed to the brink when the bronze dragon Makareek joined the fray. Loses were high on both sides but the war raged on until it was just the dragons remaining, endlessly fighting, ravaging the land till nothing remained.
Enter the Dragonslayer. Riding upon the waring dragons, he issued a challenge. "Defeat me and continue your war for all time... Or be defeated by me and finally gain the rest you deserve...."

Needless to say, the slayer defeats both dragons and creates the finest suits of Dragonhide even seen, past down in his family for the ages where it would come to my character wearing the Bronze suit... yada yada yada.

Could also add that the black suit maybe was cursed or something, where the dragons soul? Mind? remained attached to the armor, eventually possessing whoever wore it over time and would hunt down the wearer of the bronze to claim revenge....

Two dragons, brothers, let's say they're gold dragons.

They live their lives, do their good deeds. They remain in contact with one another over the centuries. North of either of their domains, a fell evil arises *cue Dol Goldur*

Being good and mighty and powerful, they intervene indirectly at first, but this evil spreads across the land and they feel they have to be involved directly. Revealing themselves to the beleagured people of the region, they form a powerful army with the dragons as part of the army.

A great battle ensues and the dragons battle the enemy's greatest warriors e.g. graveknights. In the course of an aerial battle both are wounded, but the enemy's lines finally break and they retreat. All is finally well.

Or is it?

The more wounded dragon of the two sees the battle as done, time to go back to their quieter lives. The other brother wants to chase the enemy back into the mountains. He obsesses over ending this threat to the realm and his family. Obsesses too much.

Years pass and the dragons talk less. The obsessed brother does his research, plans, plots...not realizing that while this isn't the enemy's plan, he's slowly going a bit crazy. He finally engineers a masterful trap to entice the enemy into coming out of the shadows again...just requires a village or two to be lost.

Other brother finally gets involved, tries to take his brother aside, talk sense into him. Family squabble happens. Fire lights the skies one night. The thunder of dragon wings. Screams of rage and pain.

The family has gone to war, brother vs. brother.

A lone hero from the town put in the evil army's path finds the two brothers on the ground battling, wings too damaged to hold them aloft, going at it fang and claw. He knows why they fight and has fought to save his village. The crazy dragon gets the upper hand, about to finish off his brother...and is slain by the stroke of the hero's blade.

The other brother mourns the loss of his sibling but knows what the hero has done. He gives this warrior permission to make armor of his brother's flesh. Why? Because he wants the enemy to still remember that this land is watched over by dragons, and those with the hearts of dragons. Let the evil tremble at the sight now of a warrior with the skin of a mighty dragon who has risen to take the place of the fallen defender.

How's that?

This is good, exactly along the lines of what i am looking for.
Thank you. The only thing i would change is the time past between the armor crafted and when i would acquire it. Dont want to disrupt the world as it stands now, but this is a great story line

You can play a sovereign blade samurai to get faux golden armor with energy resistance and flavor it as a dragon motif armor. Bonus, the flavor of the archetype says the technique came from sovereign dragons.

Dwarftr wrote:

This is good, exactly along the lines of what i am looking for.

Thank you. The only thing i would change is the time past between the armor crafted and when i would acquire it. Dont want to disrupt the world as it stands now, but this is a great story line

That's the last part. This can have happened eons ago. That evil could be gone or not, but there's always been a defender in the region, a man or woman who works to defend it, identified by that armor.

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