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Any suggestions for displaying the poster maps from the Map Folios? Storage has been easy since they fold down into paper size, but I still haven't found a great way to display a map during gaming. My wants are to set a map up as something the players can view without taking up the play area since these tend to be regional/city poster maps instead of gaming maps. Hanging is an alright option, but I would prefer a way to lean it up against a wall since I sometimes run games at other places than my own.

I have tried a 24x36 toploader. Unfortunately at that size they are not rigid (despite Ultra Pro claiming theirs are), so they could be hung but don't have a built in way for that. There are of course frames for that size poster but I'm trying to avoid anything too expensive or difficult to swap out maps in between sessions. MCS makes decent affordable poster frames in the smaller sizes, but at the size large enough for the map folios they are no longer solid pieces and tend to fall apart.

What have been your solutions? Even ones that don't fit my thoughts above since I'm curious how others use them.

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