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Hello everyone! Apologies for the delay this month - the holiday break took a bit more from me than I'd hoped, so I wasn't able to get this done over the weekend. Starfinder, as well, will also be a bit longer - I'll update that side of the fence this coming weekend with some new APs and Society material.

This month on Pathfinder, below, I'll cover some new books we added and a few new sections of the website. In addition, Devin's not only been entering a lot of the data, but he's been adding some much needed hyperlinks to many areas of the rules, both new and old.

Beyond that, I wanted to say that I've been hearing the issues of speed - experienced many of them myself. With the partnership announcement, the server the site lives on definitely took a hit. The plan that I had just wasn't feasible any longer for the audience size. As such, I've also recently upgraded said plan to a semi-dedicated server, sharing space with only a few others instead of dozens. This is something that's only been possible thanks to the support of everyone out there, whether by using the Patreon or just white-listing the site on your ad blocker.

In addition to the server upgrade, I also worked on a few sections of the site that had been particularly slow - Wondrous Items (and other parts of Magic Items) and the Deities main list, to name a few. As other problem areas present themselves I'll do what I can to improve speed there.

Lastly, I was not fully utilizing the output caching possible with this type of website. I've made adjustments in that realm across the whole of the site, which will significantly improve loading times.

Hopefully all of you see the improved speeds across the site - if some pages are still bad at load times, shoot me an email (feedback@aonprd.com) and I'll do what I can to help!


New Books
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #121: The Lost Outpost
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #122: Into the Shattered Continent
[Campaign Setting] Construct Handbook
[Player Companion] Martial Arts Handbook

Site Updates
- We've added a new section to the main menu - Afflictions & Hazards. We've moved the Poison and Traps sections here, and have added new Disease, Drug, Haunt, and Madness sections. (Yes, I know the main menu is already rather long - one of our main projects is figuring out a better menu solution, something collapsible I hope, but that's for a future update.)
- Another new area is Construct Modifications, something introduced in Ultimate Magic that's been expanded upon in the Construct Handbook.
- Finally, we've updated the Weapons area to include a section for Siege Engines, expanded in Ultimate Combat off of the original Core material.

The Martial Arts Handbook should have a Kung Fu Panda for the awesomeness of this.

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It looks like the site is down. Any idea when it will be back up?

It looks like it is the same problem as I saw described on your Facebook page last week -- Aonsrd.com is up, but Aonprd.com is down. It was fine last night, as I looked a bunch of stuff up there during my game.

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Yeah, pfrd.info, archivesofnethys.com, and aonprd.com are all displaying a 403 error page.

^Also confirming the same problem on all 3 sites. Likely they are hosted on the same web hosting service, so it could be something configured wrong on that.

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Pfrd.info and archivesofnethys.com both map to aonprd.com, so it is basically aonprd.com that is down.

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It's back!

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