Building a damage dealing kineticist and making it ... equivalent.


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Slim Jim wrote:
Kineticists also need allies perhaps more than other striker classes:

That's a good point, when it comes to dealing with unusual situations, kinny has much less resources available than pretty much every other class in the game.

Geruvurrda wrote:
I just think they need some love, gloves of blasting, adding up to +5 worth if enhancements

Good one.

Also, can we remove the restriction of extra wild talent? You can't take even a level 2 talent with it, until your level 8, which means your level 9 feat...seems a bit harsh, extra rogue talent, alchemist discovered, Slayer talent etc. Have no such limitation.

Yes, that one is needlessly harsh. And there should be a way to get an off-element utility talent at earlier level.

Geruvurrda wrote:
And if you are using a physical blast, then your to-hit isn't going to hit on a 2, and the fighter jumps ahead

With +9 to hit for 38.25 damage (assuming empower and deadly aim), that's only 20.1 DPR. So yes, the fighter's 29.8 jumps ahead. At least kinny now benefits from Prayer or Haste (to 22.1), or Inspire Courage (to 24.1) but all these buffs make the fighter jump ahead even more.

I skimmed so sorry ig I missed something.

First I want to say that I wasn't going for a fighter spending everything on dealing damage, which is why I didnt mention any enchantment bonuses. I also wanted to have them have similar and not maximized stat so 18 con/dex after belt for kineticist/fighter respectively.

Regarding the mobility, a kineticist can move for half of base movement while gather power as a move action using Mobile Gathering. This means a Kineticist get empower, and 1 free 1 burn infusion; The Archer needs Shot on the Run (3 feats) or similar to move more than 5 ft. So I just left it out to keep my other part focused.

I will admit that I forgot the fire element has no innate physical blast (you can get magma composite at lv7). The dmg will be lower by 5 points when not empowered (7 when empowered);However, you now target touch so its a large increase in accuracy.

Elemental resistances and DR is a problem for kineticist I wont deny it. Its solved by broadening your dmg types (Ex: when getting expanded element). Either way, You shouldn't be fighting with more than 50% of enemies being resistant or worse (I call foul play).

* P.S. The point of my post before was to show that a kineticist spends less resources on being able to deal damage but can still deal more than enough to stay relevant in combat.

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