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5th Edition (And Beyond)

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New Options for 5th Edition Heroes
Sometimes, heroes emerge from strange and forbidden places: the trackless deserts, deep oceans, magic-warped wastelands—even the crypts of the undead.

Unlikely Heroes for 5th Edition gives you everything you need to play a monstrous adventurer in 5th edition. Its pages are packed with PC racial traits, history, ecology, names, and more for 8 new races:
Dust Goblins
4 new backgrounds: Cannibal Headhunter, Prophet, Scavenger, and Seer
Two new variant backgrounds, the Tinker and the Beggar

Available in Print and PDF

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Does it tell you how to pronounce "Sahuagin?"

I usually say "Sea Devil." ;-)

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Ha! Well, as the guy who wrote the original Sahuagin piece for the Pathfinder Advanced Races Compendium (the piece that was used as the basis for this 5E version), I did a HUGE amount of research on the Sahuagin, including a lot on the origins of the race all the way back in the early days of D&D ...

I'm pretty confident it's most correctly pronounced Saw-HOO-a-gin

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Great. Now I'm going to call them Saw Hooligans. :-P

Not Sa-HWAH-gin, Mark? (NERD ALERT: I'm really asking, not being a dingus.)

DDO pronounced it with the HWAH, but, then again, they pronounced Phiarlan like three different ways.

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Yeah, I probably should have typed it as SAW-hwuh-gin (I've never quite been able to figure out those dictionary pronunciations!)

I guess the REAL answer is ... it's pronounced whatever way works best for you. And let's not even START on the correct pronunciation of Drow!!!!

(It rhymes with snow, by the way - you can trust me:)

The more important thing is ... regardless of how you pronounce Sahuagin, everyone should be sure to pick up Unlikely Heroes for 5th Edition!!!

Well, I got mine as a Tome of Beasts backer reward; I'm not gonna buy a second one! :P

Y'know, the first time Droe vs Drao came up on these boards, I was all, "Those johnny-come-latelies; I'm going to check that pronunciation guide from Dragon 93!" But when I did, it gave the correct pronunciation as quote, drow, or dro, unquote. Mentzer really dropped the ball on that one.

Edit: ZOMG, what if all the arguments that D&D nerds have about pronunciation are reflected in-world? In the World of Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms, they say it differently, just like aunts vs ants or of-ten vs offen in the real world! Mind blown.

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I'm pretty sure drow is a real world Scottish word.

Sovereign Court

An all too familiar problem.

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