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Hey everyone!

I couldn’t find any clarification on this, so I have a quick question. I got the Skitter Shot Boon back in June and was doing Society paperwork this weekend when I came upon a question. One of the conditions on the Boon state that you can check boxes whenever you GM at an event that recieved Regional Support or Event Support. The Boon doesn’t clarify if you have to be running Starfinder to check a box on the Boon or whether simply supporting the convention is enough.

This same question goes back to basically all avenues of play. Can I check boxes for any OP scenario I play in or run, or do the games all have to be SFSOP? Have John or Thursty made a ruling about this that I’m not aware of?


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THursty made a ruling a while back, about the Alien Archives 1 boon, if I recall correctly, which said that it needs to be Starfinder Society games or Starfinder APs to get credit.I will look for the citation.

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It should be a Starfinder Society game.

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Sweet, thanks Thursty and Glen!

Does that rule apply to playing at a supported OP event? Example: Can I check 3 boxes for having GMed at GenCon even though all i did was PFP Games, or would I have had to run at least one SFS game to check a box?

If the latter is true (I would have needed to run a SFS game, would I check three boxes for each game I ran plus three more for running at an event, or do I check three boxes for having run at an event and ignore the number of games I ran?

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If you ran an SFS game at GenCon, you can check off three boes. If you ran more than one unique SFS scenario, you can check off three boxes for each scenario that you had not alrealy listed on your skittershot sheet. If you were like me and the only SFS that you GMed at GenCon was an unofficial game on Sunday night after GenCon, you can only check off two boxes for that game, since it was not part of the official event.


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