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Flurry of blows states for 1 action you make 2 unarmed strikes.

It states that dragon stance does 1d10 bludgeoning damage unarmed.

If I'm in my dragon stance does that mean I can make a flurry of blows for 1 action - and do 1d10 bludgeoning damage (+4 str mod - if str 18) twice? So possibly do 1d10 + 4 dmg TWICE?

Seems too high to be the case.

For level 1 is the only AC the monk gets - the dex to AC bonus and that's it? Any ways to increase this in the early game?

thanks for any help guys!

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Okay, so an "unarmed strike" is simply any attack with the unarmed trait, which dragon tail has. So you can flurry of blows and make two dragon tail attacks.

Where dragon tail suffers in comparison to the other unarmed strikes is that it is not agile (or finesse, but if you're picking dragon stance you have already committed to str>dex). So the second dragon tail attack would be at a -5 from the multiple attack penalty, whereas someone using wolf jaw or tiger claw attacks would have a -4 since those are agile. But anybody with a d10 weapon can attack once dealing d10+StrMod and again at -5 dealing d10+StrMod. Where the monk benefits is that flurry costs a single action whereas other people have to use two weapons to attack twice.

After you flurry with dragon tail all further attacks will be at -10 (so extremely hard to hit with) so you will want to have some other plan for your other two actions.

Monks are pretty hard up for AC before they can afford magic bracers, a level 1 monk's AC will be 10+1[level]+1[proficiency]+DexMod, so pump that dex. A lot of people have highlighted this as an issue, but one thing you can do with your two other actions after you flurry is to get away from people who will want to spend their actions hurting you in a sort of "hit and run" strategy.

PossibleCabbage you the man, thanks for the help!

What are my other options for getting better AC later in the game?

The monk seems to me very glass cannony. What do you think of 1 action to move into position to hit someone. 2nd action to do flurry of blows (in 1 of the stances) then 3rd action to get back to safety cause my AC is so low?

Which of the stances do you prefer?

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For a Str based Monk like Dragon Style, you still want good Dex. I had a 12th level Dragon Style Monk with 20 Str and 18 Dex in my Chapter 5 Doomsday Dawn run and he was AWESOME. His AC was a couple points behind the other martials but it didn't hurt him too much. He dealt out major damage, debuffed enemies with Dragon Roar, and got around majorly well with his mobility.

So I've had positive experience with Dragon Style so far. XD
If you fight a lot of Evil foes then a Holy Rune is good for a Monk IMO, they don't use their reactions for much so being able to heal by hitting things hard and spending resonance is nice for them, helps make up for the lower AC in battle. It was pretty ace for the monk in my party.

But yeah, you want good Dex even if you are Str based. Between that, their unarmored proficiency, and good Bracers of Armor you will only be a point or two behind armor specialists and right about on track with those who don't get past Trained armor proficiency.

(For example a level 2 Monk with 16 Dex and Bracers of Armor has AC 17 while a Rogue in Studded Leather with 18 Dex has AC 18, and the Monk gets ahead a bit later with better unarmored proficiency)

What do you think bout attribute allocation?

As human:

str 18
dex 16
con 12
int 10
wis 12
cha 10

If I went dwarf I could get a 14 instead of a 12.

Do you guys think str and dex are the 2 top ones to have? Which attribute would you recommend for 3rd highest?

Do I want to spend any feats on Ki powers? I was thinking of getting the extra class feat at level 1 via human ancestry (natural ambition) feat and taking 1 stance feat and other ki strike feat.

Any feedback on that would be great.

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In general the four most important stats for any class are: 1) whichever is the most important one, 2-4) Dex,Wis,Con.

Even if you are not interested in Ki powers, Wisdom still increases the most important save and your perception as well as some good skills. So I'd say that would be #3 for Monks.

That stat allotment looks pretty good. With Monks getting 10 HP base per level you really don't need more Con at level 1, it looks good. Whenever you get your stat boosts every 5 levels you will probably want to put them into Str, Dex, Con, and Wis.

As for Ki powers, that's really up to whether or not they are powers you would like to have, I don't think you're going to suffer particularly for having or not having them.

I would recommend though, with starting at 12 Wis I wouldn't take any powers that involve saving throws, your DC is pretty low. There are plenty of powers that don't work off of DC though, Ki Strike, Ki Rush, and Wholeness of Body all being good ones IMO.

The latest errata of both Ki strike and Ki step is really good, plus the staples of Heal and the later Ki power that basically gives you flight are all awesome.

Basically, if you go Str/Dragon stance you do more base damage* but you'll start with less Ki (both builds should have 18-20 but dex build will have that 18 by either 5 or 10 while Str build will have to wait by 15)

*Ki strike Flurry of a dex build will probably still outdamage you, but that's just 2-4 times/day early on for a dex build.

For a strength build your allocation seems good.

Also, as str, don't forget to pick up mountain stance and Quake.

AoE prone+damage without an expenditure vs insane DC (much higher than any caster will ever muster) and doesn't even increases MAP every couple rounds is godly.

With Mountain Root Quake it would affect ur allies as well? This is a 1 action ability correct?

As per the feat in the Rulebook which can easily be looked up:

"Creatures on the ground within a 20 foot aura must succeed at Reflex saves..."

It does not specify enemies only or allies only, so therein lies your answer, readily available within the book.

Ya that's the same thing I read, so it would affect everyone as I interpreted "creatures". Otherwise it would same "enemies". I just needed confirmation from you Edge the Rules expert :)

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