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Curse of the Crimson Throne

I'm about halfway through reading CotCT. Thinking of running it as my next AP. I love the tone and setting of the AP.
What I dont love is that so much of the main plot happens with the PCs merely being observers. Or just told about major happenings.
Anyone have any advice on how to rework the AP to make the players more participant than observer?

Are there particular segments you're thinking of? The PCs start as relative nobodies, but are heroes of the city by the end of book 2 and deeply involved in what's going on.

The one 'cut-scene' that can only be observed I can think of is

Book 3 Spoiler:
Endrin's attempt to kill Illeosa

which explicitly takes place as a cut scene precisely to prevent PCs intervening and inadvertently derailing the plot.

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