[WH40k Wrath & Glory] Recommendations for using minis, pawns, tokens for this RPG.

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I am interested in running the WH40K Wrath & Glory RPG as soon as I receive my Starter Set box, and I know it includes a few players and adversaries’ tokens (as does the Blessing Unheralded adventure). I verified with Ulisses North America that there are currently no plans for a line of RPG miniatures or token/pawns at this time.

I own no miniatures for any of the various WH40K miniatures or board games, nor do any of my friends. I also can’t afford to pay for many of the miniature box sets that GW currently sells and/or are available on the secondary market for their full tabletop miniature game lines (both the 8th edition units and Kill Team sets), especially when I only need a few figures/units and not full squads or platoons.

What recommendation do GMs who have had previous experience with the previous RPG line (Black Crusade, Death Watch, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Only War…) for using as miniatures, pawns or tokens for use in a WH40K RPG game? (I have a lot of maps, flip maps, and tiles from my various other RPGs I own and would like to use). I am open to using proxies and mix and match minis, pawns, and tokens from different game lines as needed.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this matter.

Please do not respond to this post, I created a new post with a new tile and re-wording of the above. I find no option that allows me to delete this post.

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