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I am looking at the Advanced Race Guide and am trying to interpret the flexibility of racial traits. For example: While creating a halfling character can I take Craven and swap out Fearless and Halfling Luck or do I have to take the Racial Subtype (Slave Born) in order to receive the Craven trait and Ingratiating trait (that I don’t want?)

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So this is in the wrong forum, as this is the create a character section for the 2nd edition playtest. I've flagged this to be moved.

However, the answer to your question for the first edition of Pathfinder is that you don't need to select a racial subtype to qualify for anything, those are just a suggested package of alternate traits to play "someone like this." Any Halfling can be craven, it's just that those born as slaves are more prone to be both craven and ingratiating.

Thank you for your clear and direct answer to my question. I’m fairly new to Pathfinder (especially Pathfinder Society.) I didn’t realize there was a different forum for Pathfinder 1st Ed.

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