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So with a dwarf fighter, I'm going to have between 8 cha and 12 cha I believe. Is it worth putting points to get that charisma high as possible to use intimidate?

I'd have to tank my con to 14 from 16 to get my charisma to 12. I'd like to use that 1 action intimidate but is it worth it?

I'd like to add a single action ability to my arsenal and would love to get feedback on this. Is intimidate viable for a dwarf fighter? My party also consists of a barbarian and a wizard.


Intimidate/Demoralize is awesome. If you can afford it, a Cha bonus on a dwarf might just be worth it. But post the heritages update, dwarfs are not the powerhouses they once were.

If you're going without a healer, it might be more profitable to focus on WIS and use Medicine to heal people between combats. But I agree with Starfox: demoralize is good, especially if your third action would be used making an attack at -10 otherwise.

Yeah the highest charisma I could get with a dwarf would be 12. So maybe going wisdom route is better although we do have 1 healer in the group.

Perhaps if I want to go intimidate route I should go a different race, any recommendations on that? I guess half orc or human?

I mean, Dwarf can still work fine for Demoralize. It's only a -1 to your Cha modifier, it's not great but it doesn't kill you either. In any case you should pick up Intimidating Prowess when you can, it'll make up some of the deficit.

Ancestries don't have a lot of direct support for Intimidate. However, a Bleachling Gnome can demoralize animals and foes who speak common, elven, and sylvan. The more languages an Intimidator can speak, the less penalties they'll run into.

*Takes Intimidating Glare*

I had a player make a Goblin Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline) with Intimidating Glare; the Demoralize-then-Cast technique works pretty well for him.

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