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Creating a level 1 wizard was wondering if I could get some opinions on what you all would spend your silver pieces on. I plan on using Mage Armor and Shield spell in combat (unless there is a better option). Thanks for the help.

A couple of scrolls of attack spells might be wise for if you really need to throw out a stronger attack than a cantrip but don't have any left prepared. That's about all I've got.

And I know this wasn't in the question but I heartily recommend having Electric Arc handy. Possibly the best attack cantrip.

Thanks, I will certainly get that spell! I guess I don't really need a weapon since I can use a cantrips which will do more damage with respectable range.

Any other suggestions my friends?

I don't really know. but honestly at lv 1 there isn't much to do.
Assumign you've played the playtest stuff already. you could look at the report section for what folks bought there

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I will say, Magic Missile is an excellent single-target blast at 1st level. Ray of Enfeeblement is a good debuff IMO if you have good Dex to ensure a decent hit chance. Fear isn't bad either to put on someone before you allies try to attack, since it will almost certainly lower their AC a point or two. Burning Hands is good AoE having been bumped to 3d6 in 1.5, and Shocking Grasp is good if you find a foe wearing metal armor, persistent damage can be killer.

For later levels (If this Wizard is going onward in levels) I would give the advice that while blast spells are good damage they are mostly only good in your highest level or two of spell slots. MAYBE third highest at later levels. But they and some other spells just don't keep up if you aren't spending the higher level slots. So my advice is to watch for spells that remain good in low level slots so you can use them at later levels.

For example, True Strike and Ray of Enfeeblement are level 1 spells that remain quite useful at basically any level, Mirror Image stays good at level 2, Haste and Fear are great at level 3, maybe Slow too, and Enervation and Invisibility at 4 never get old.

Just something to help make the best use of your low level slots at higher levels.

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