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So I am finally running RotR which I have wanted to do for years(seriously I have had the ogl version of the module for like 4 years and bought the anniversary edition earlier this year, and have been planning additions to the campaign such as the beginners box and its 3 adventures and all the bash demos) and my group will be hitting the Glassworks this week after two sessions of messing about and doing the other local heroes quests.

My party is a bit more powerful than the average group. It has 6 players which already raises the APL and some of those players have great damage potential such as the Hal-Elf Kineticist and The Aasimar Chosen-One Paladin and the Human Investigator. Anywho with the party makeup I put them at and apl 2.5. The original glassworks goblins are a cr3(apl+2 for a standard 1st level party). I have adjusted the CR upto 4.5(1400 XP budget) Now I have built the monsters I will be using already a group of 5 level one goblins(The Glassworks Gang :) ) made up of a Ceric of Zarongel, a Goblin Warchanter(Bard) right from the module, a rogue, an alchemist and a Elemental Blooded(fire) Sorcerer. +3 Standard Goblin warriors(equipped with the molten glass tongs and glass bottles for fun) to round out the xp to 1405 just over budget.

What I would like from the forum is three things.
First some fun tactics/antics the Glassworks Gang may use while fighting.
Second a fun goblin song for the Warchater. I have the rhyme of Glass and ass(We gon' burn yer ass, is a line that comes to mind) in mind but no idea how to turn that into a good "song".
Third what do you think any changes you would make to the gang. And yes I am fine with these goblins being expendable however if some survive I wouldn't mind it.

I suggest fire.


This group of goblins has been left to their own devices for far too long by Tsuto. They've been listening to Nualia preach about burning Sandpoint to the ground so much they've decided that's the reason she sent them with Tsuto. So they've been creating flaming oil bombs, etc. for the past several minutes, including dousing Lonjitsu's corpse in a large amount of flammables. They don't care that he's already dead, all the longshanks need to burn.

When the pc's reach the Glassworks they can hear the goblins working themselves into a frenzy as the approach the door to the Glassworking Room with no perception check needed - very much like a football team's pre-game huddle/rally.

When the fight starts the goblins show no discrimination about using fire - the sorceror gets his fellow goblins in his burning hands area of affect, they don't care about the dangers of lobbing flaming oil into combat, either erroneous aim or splash damage. The goblins start Lonjitsu on fire, creating a tower of flame in that square and splash damage to all the surrounding squares. Any goblin that takes fire or burn damage gets a +1 to hit and damage for 1 round. On top of whatever bonus they might get from the bard's inspire courage, etc.

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Latrecis wrote:

I suggest fire.

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Exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. You are an 'evil' genius.

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I used a fair amount of extra goblins throughout the Glassworks, often wielding improvised weapons like tongs, hooks, pipes and assorted glass items, having glass shard "splash" damage hitting PC and goblin alike.

Really with the self destructive tactics of the goblins, you can add a bunch of level 1 warrior goblins without much impact on the danger level.

Difficult terrain, hurled bits of molten glass, and a pair of goblins charging with a plate glass window to dump on the front line guy.

Gotta play up the goblins love of senseless destruction, those glass bottles are a great addition. Add insult to injury, have one of them put something foul in the bottle before throwing it.

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